Women’s Wrestling Revolution results 2/23/19

Women’s Wrestling Revolution “Widowmaker” results from Deer Park, N.Y. live on IndependentWrestlingTV:

Denver Colorado and Hot Scoop Skylar are the announcers.

Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling beat Veda Scott and Allie Kat in a Lucha Rules Match when Nightingale pinned Scott after a moonsault set up by Darling’s pump handle slam. The two teams shook hands after. Good long opener with several moments where it looked like it was over for both teams until their tag partners kept making the save to break up the pin attempts.

Sonya Strong (with Violette) pinned Karissa Rivera. Violette got on the ring and distracted the referee allowing Strong to roll up Rivera while holding the tights for the pin.

Miranda Vionette and Divienne beat Stella Grey and Gabby Ortiz (with Riley Shepard) when Ortiz was pinned after a 3D type of double team which sent her head and face roughly into the mat. After the match, Vionette and Divienne acted like they wanted to shake hands in sportsmanship, but they attacked instead. Shepard chased them off.

Maria Manic beat Vanity in real quick fashion with a torture rack back breaker submission. Veda Scott joined Skylar on commentary for this match and the rest of the show. Vanity was a replacement for Leyla Hirsch.

Maria Manic got on the mic and said she was there looking for some real competition. She made an open challenge for anyone else in the back to come out. Addy Starr quickly ran out to the ring to accept the challenge.

Manic pinned Starr after a big choke slam. Manic toyed with Starr outside the ring for several minutes by putting her in a camel clutch and then parading her around ringside in the torture rack. She was going to hit Starr with a chair. Starr kicked the chair into her face then did a dive off the apron. Manic was gushing blood from the side of her head from the chair backfiring. Back in the ring, Starr managed to get in a few quick and innovative moves before Manic put her down. If Manic is supposed to be a monster heel it didn’t work because the crowd was behind her all the way.

Harlow O’Hara and Terra Calaway beat Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo in a No Disqualification Match. It was a double pin after Calaway power bombed Vox through a door set up in the ring corner and O’Hara gave Exo a DDT on a chair. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Vox and Exo came out dressed in old school “bunkhouse” gear with ripped blue jeans and cut off t-shirts. Calaway gave Exo a side slam on a trash can which crushed the can. Vox used her mouth fishhook to send O’Hara face first into a chair set up in the ring corner. Exo gave Calaway a code breaker then Exo jumped off the rope with a senton to Calaway’s back.

Penelope Ford pinned Allysin Kay with a Matrix Cutter. Skylar mentioned on commentary that she was actually supposed to face Kay but she’s out of action with a rib injury so Ford was her substitute.

Main Event: Kris Stadtlander pinned Lisa Marie Varon after the scissors kick. Good back and forth match. Stadtlander showed Varon respect after the match but Varon attacked giving her a power bomb and The Widows Peak. The crowd chanted “Both these women”, “Thank You, Lisa”, and “Hall of Famer”.

Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling came out as Stadtlander was still in the ring. The rest of the locker room then came out and surrounded the ring. They pounded on the mat to get the crowd going. Nightingale and Darling put over WWR as a company and the real women’s wrestling revolution in general. They said some people are bandwagon jumping it thinking it’s trendy.

Varon got in the ring and thanked Stadtlander for the match and the fans for coming. She said this will be her last year wrestling. She said you still get intimidated in your career. She said people starting out will try to make it, people who made it will continue to try to prove themselves, and veterans wonder will wonder if they lost something. The crowd chanted “You still got it!” She said women and men wrestlers miss birthdays and other special occasions to sacrifice on the road to entertain the fans. She encouraged fans to buy their favorite wrestler’s merchandise at shows to help them make a living.

The entire roster got into the ring and did a group hug around Varon as the show went off the air.