Ladies Night Out 5 results 2/23/19; Vox hurt at WWR show

Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling presents “Ladies Night Out 5” results from Texas City, Texas streaming live on Title Match Network:

Matt Topolski and Brad Gilmore are the announcers. Ashley Bull is the ring announcer.

Raychell Rose used her feet on the ropes to pin Jenna Lynn in what the announcers said was a pre-show match.

ROW Diamonds Division Champion Hyan pinned Rok-C after a 450 splash when Rok-C missed a moonsault. The crowd was behind Rok-C who looked pretty impressive considering she’s only 17. She got in a lot of offense including a flying head scissors into a leg sweep in what was a highly competitive match.

Barbi Hayden pinned Ivory Robyn after a rope hanging DDT. Robyn dominated most of the match until the last few minutes. Hayden is “Abilene Maverick” and Robyn is “The Disciplinarian” in WOW on AXS TV. The announcers mentioned that both women are WOW regulars but they never mentioned their alter ego names.

Scarlett Bordeaux pinned Miranda (Alize) after an over the back piledriver in a wild and physical match. Bordeaux came out to her Impact Wrestling theme song and outfit. Miranda gave her a taunting butĀ “playful” slap on the backside. Bordeaux didn’t like it and kicked Miranda straight in the vagina. Miranda retaliated by then giving Bordeaux a knee to the vagina. Miranda went to the top rope but Bordeaux shoved her right off to the floor. Bordeaux followed up outside the ring and mauled Miranda with a leg sweep into the side of the ring and a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Miranda once again tried to go for something off the top rope but Bordeaux grabbed her by both wrists and threw her into the ring head first. Miranda looked like she landed badly but recovered to give Bordeaux a spear. After enough of a Miranda rally, Bordeaux was frustrated and bailed to the outside to try to regroup. Miranda leaped off the ring apron and gave Bordeaux a flying spear! Once again Bordeaux showed that Impact Wrestling has wasted her for months when she’s a more than capable wrestler and valet for various other companies.

Taya Valkyrie beat Thunder Rosa after the curb stomp and STF submission. This was another physical match. It started out with good chain wrestling then both women hit high impact moves. After the match, Ashley Bull tried to interview Valkyrie at ringside on her way to the back. Valkyrie gave an arrogant heel promo and insulted Bull for even approaching her. She taunted the crowd telling them, “I beat your girl” in reference to Rosa. She said she would be watching all the other matches on the show because she has someone in mind that she wants to face next.

Christi Jaynes pinned Rockelle Vaughn with a unique looking rolling fold over pin. The announcers didn’t even know how to describe the finish. The card graphic before the match actually showed the match was originally supposed to be Jaynes vs. Angel Blue. The announcers made no mention of Blue at all. Blue is apparently still not cleared to wrestle as she’s been dealing with a spine and/or neck issue which has required needing medical injections.

Leva Bates pinned Allie Recks after and impressive and scary looking pedigree from off the top rope.

Angelina Love pinned Keira Hogan after a bicycle kick. The announcers put it over as if it was a top contenders match by saying the winner would go on to big things.

Barbi Hayden came out to join the commentary table before the main event. She was the broadcast analyst for Ladies Night Out 4.

Ivelisse pinned Jazz in the ring in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Barbi Hayden got tired of Jazz taunting her so she quickly left the broadcast table and gave Jazz a forearm shot which allowed Ivelisse to take advantage with a DDT on a chair for the pin. Hayden then immediately returned to sit back down at the broadcast table and calmly said that she would not let anyone “sass” her like Jazz did. Jazz pointed at Hayden from inside the ring but did not physically retaliate and just walked to the back.

The announcers strongly hinted that there will be a LNO 6 but they never gave a return date. They closed by wondering if the situation between Hayden and Jazz will continue over.

These shows always deliver and it’s so far the most serious style of any U.S. women’s pro wrestling brand. There is hardly any comedy. The few angles they do are simple and basic pro wrestling. The action speaks for itself in the ring with a lot of straight up technical wrestling matches.

Women’s Wrestling Revolution posted on their social media that Ashley Vox was taken to the hospital shortly after the No DQ tag match she was involved in. Vox later responded to WWR. She said she was fine but needed to get seven stitches on the back of her head. She was driven hard into a door set up in the ring as part of the finish to the match.