Glory Pro results of 2nd Anniversary Show 2/24/19

Glory Pro Wrestling results of “Anniversary: Phoenix Rising” from Colinsvillie, Illinois on 2/24/19 live on Independent Wrestling TV:

Warhorse won a 4-Way Match over Jake Something, O’Shay Edwards, and AJ Gray. The crowd was into it from the start. Hot opener with lots of high risk moves. Something ended up brawling to the back with Gray towards the end of the match and they never came back out. Warhorse pinned Gray after a German suplex, lariat, and double stomp off the top rope.

“Fifthy” Tom Lawlor pinned “Sharkbait” Anthony Gutierrez after powering out of a triangle choke and turning it into a Styles Clash. They did a worked MMA style of match for the most part. The crowd chanted “Please come back!” when it was over. The two shook hands and walked to the back together as friends.

Hakim Zane beat Shane Sabre by submission after brushing the ref aside to kick Sabre in the groin and then lock him in a cross face.

Camero Jackson and Kenny Alfonso won a 3-Way Tag Match over Joe Coleman and Idris Abraham, and Aaron Orion and Baracukus. All action and bodies flying everywhere. Orion accidentally hit his own partner in the action. Jackson and Alfonso then hit and double team frog splash/elbow finisher to pin Orion. After the match, Orion and Baracukus got into a brief shoving match. The fans chanted “Hug It Out!” and they did hug in the end.

Tag Team Champions Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega came to the ring. Vega was limping. He said he hurt his knee in Europe last weekend and the doctors told him to take a couple of weeks off. They said Fitchett would still defend the titles with a substitute.

Mat Fitchett and Ethan Page beat Myron Reed and Stephen Wolf when Wolf was pinned. I didn’t see the finish with all the action going on but Wolf was bleeding over his left eye. Page slammed Wolf at one point in the match the power bombed Reed right on top of him.


Jake Lander won a Scramble Match over Allie Kat, Jody Threat, Kody Lane, Sheldon Jean, and Mark Wheeler when he pinned Jean after a 450 splash.

Seishin pinned Su Yung in an upset after a code red. It was all Yung for most of the match.

Danny Adams and Mike Outlaw beat Matt Knicks and Chris Castro by disqualification when Castro brought in a chair as a weapon. Castro and Knicks then brought in a table after the match but Fitchett and Vega came out and made the save before they could put someone through it.

Eddie Kingston won a 2/3 Falls Match over PACO. PACO won a quick sudden first fall in about a minute with a code red. Kingston evened it up with a sudden pin of his own a few minutes later. PACO then showed a vicious streak by repeatedly going after the knee of Kingston. The crowd booed him for it. After a quick two falls, there was a lot of suspense in the final fall with both guys exchanging fast paced pin attempts on each other to make the crowd really believe either could win at any second. Kingston got his knees up when PACO went for a frog splash. Kingston got the pin after a back fist strike to the side of PACO’s head. They showed each other respect after but then PACO kicked Kingston’s injured leg out and attacked him viciously until he was finally held back and escorted to the locker room by the referees and security.

Main Event: Glory Pro Champion Curt Stallion pinned Australian Suicide after a second running headbutt. I’m not sure if it was a botched finish by the time keeper or something intentional. Stallion had Suicide covered after a first headbutt and the bell rang before the referee counted three. The referee waived the time keeper off and said the match wasn’t over. Suicide turned his back to celebrate then Stallion delivered another headbutt for the win.