LuFisto to retire; Willow Nightingale injured and out of action

LuFisto posted another heartfelt statement on her Facebook page on 2/27/19 to announce that she will retire at some point this year due to a worsening knee issue. The 39 year old French Canadian has had a rough string of luck in the past few years including a battle with ovarian cancer. Her health issues forced her to give up the Shine Title in June 2018 but she returned to action not long after.

She began her career in Canada and made a name for herself on the U.S. indie circuit competing in intergender and hardcore matches in CZW and IWA Mid-South last decade. She defeated hardcore legend Necro Butcher to win the CZW Death Match Tournament in 2006. In 2007, she won the IWA Mid-South Queen of the Deathmatch Tournament over female hardcore wrestling icon Mickey Knuckles.

In recent years, she won the vacant Shine Title over Mercedes Martinez and Allysin Kay in 2017, and she has been a regular tag team partner of Jordynne Grace as Team PAWG.

Willow Nightingale, who also wrestles as Eye Candy in WOW Superheroes, announced that she would be having neck surgery this week. I don’t know if she was having issues ahead of this past weekend, but she worked the WWR and Psycho Circus show on Saturday, and the Beyond Wrestling show on Sunday. She has been wrestling since 2015.

She had a match against Chris Dickinson at BW and did take some very scary bumps on her neck and head which certainly could have been a factor. It was a hard hitting long match and not the stereotypical intergender comedy in the least. Dickinson gave her a half nelson suplex early and she landed folded up on her neck hard to where I thought she could have easily broken her neck. She continued the match and did get in a lot of offense including giving Dickinson a DVD where she landed awkwardly on her head. Dickinson gave her a German suplex followed by a lariat then folded her up for the pin. After the match, she said something to the referee then Dickinson leaned over to check on her. They fist bumped in respect when she got off the mat and she was favoring the back of her head.

This has not been a good year so far for women wrestling injuries. Kris Wolf made her heartbreaking retirement announcement a few weeks ago noting potential brain issues. Angel Blue has been out of action with spine and neck issues. Ashley Vox needed stitches after her WWR match on Saturday. The wrestling industry continues to evolve into a faster and more hard hitting pace to where more men and women will likely end up with the same problems as Wolf and Nightingale if things don’t slow down a little bit.