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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Two Hundred” results; Jungle Boy in action

PWG had their 200th show on 3/1/19 in Los Angeles, California at The Globe Theatre:

Jungle Boy won a 3-Way Match over Jake Atlas and Trey Miguel by pinning Miguel with a crucifix bomb. A lot of people would have understood if Jungle Boy missed the show due to his father Luke Perry being in the hospital, but he kept his commitment as a true professional under the circumstances. Hopefully working the show was a sign that his father’s condition is stable or improved.

Puma King defeated Laredo Kid by submission with what looked like a modified stretch muffler hold.

Chuck Taylor and Trent? defeated Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher when Trent? pinned Davis.

Brody King pinned Darby Allin after power bombing him on his own skateboard followed up by a sitout piledriver. Allin climbed up to the balcony area and did a Coffin Drop from it.

Jonathan Grisham defeated David Starr with an octopus submission.

PWG Tag Champions Zachary Wentz and Desmond Xavier defeated Penta El OM and Rey Fenix, and Santana and Ortiz in a 3-Way Tag Team Match in what may have been a botched early three count by the referee. Santana and Ortiz attacked Wentz and Xavier after.

PWG World Champion Jeff Cobb pinned Bandito after the Tour of the Islands.



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