Sendai Girls results 3/9/19

Sendai Girls results on 3/9/19 from Miyag, Japan at the Cultural Center:

Marimanji beat Manami with a octopus hold submission.

Sareee pinned Mikoto Shindo after a missile dropkick.

KAORU and RayLyn beat Hikaru Shida and Alex Lee when KAORU pinned Lee with a sunset flip.

Meiko Satomura pinned Manami Katsu after a Death Valley Bomb.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Chihiro Hashimoto and Mika Iwata when Chisako pinned Hashimoto after the Hormone Splash.

The next show is 3/11 with Sendai Girls World Champion Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Sakura Hirota.


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