Ice Ribbon results 3/16/19

Ice Ribbon results from the Ice Ribbon Dojo in Saitama, Japan:

Mochi Miyagi won a 3-Way over Satsuki Totoro and Miyako Matsumoto by pinning Totoro with a clutch.

Tsukasa Fujimoto pinned Tequila Saya with an Ocean Cyclone Suplex.

Ibuki Hoshi and Kyuuri beat Maya Yukihi and Suzu Suzuki when Kyuuri pinned Suzuki after a blockbuster.

Maika Ozaki and Tsukushi beat Risa Sera and Asahi when Tsukushi pinned Asahi after a diving foot stomp.

Ice Ribbon will have two shows on 3/17 in Chiba and a show at Korakuen Hall on 3/18.


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