Shine 57 results 3/16/19, Allysin Kay misses the event

Shine 57 results from Woodside, N.Y. at La Boom live on FITE:

2:08pm: I don’t have high expectations for this show at all and I’m already out $15 and the FITE credits. For some reason Club WWN would not let me renew. A notice kept popping up to inform me that I needed to contact customer service about my account status. I did that over an hour and a half ago and I’m still waiting for a reply. WWN has a rude reputation of not getting back to fans and certain members of the pro wrestling press, so I do not expect a prompt reply.

I would have had a whole month of service for just $10 on Club WWN which would have included a few of the WrestleMania Week live events. These Shine events are $15 each on FITE.

This glitch also locks me out of seeing Evolve at 6pm EST on Club WWN. Due to WWE/NXT’s usual greed and paranoia, they no longer allow Evolve to be shown on FITE because of NXT talent now regularly being booked on Evolve events. Evolve has basically become NXT 2.0.

In addition to all of this, Shine announced a couple of hours before the show that champion Allysin Kay will miss the event due to bad weather causing her flight delays. She was set to defend the title against Mercedes Martinez.

The show is a 3pm EST bell time because of Evolve running in the venue at 6pm. Usually these shows are really rushed and a waste of time and money because of these early start times as it is.

It’s now 3pm on FITE and of course the show isn’t starting on time. They didn’t air a taped pre-show either. The Shine logo keeps showing on the screen.

Trevin Adams finally opens the show in the ring at 3:11pm. He told the crowd that Kay would not be able to make it due to her flight problems.

Mercedes Martinez came out to the ring. She said Kay didn’t want to show up because she’s ducking her. She said Kay should be stripped of the title and it should be given to her.

Adams said he understands her frustration but the situation was out of Kay’s hands with the weather and flight delays.

Priscilla Kelly came out. Su Yung quickly followed. Ivelisse was then out next. Adams said it would be a 4-Way Elimination main event. Lenny Leonard and Ron Niemi stressed that Martinez was still #1 con. for the title and she will still receive the next title shot at Kay.

Shine Tag Team Champions Gabby Gilbert and Lucious Latasha vs. Thunder Rosa and Holidead

Rosa and Holidead won by count out as Gilbert and Latasha purposely got counted out.

This match was the worst bottom of the barrel type of comedy booking. It reminded me of 1980s GLOW style of bad. Gilbert and Latasha came out with party favors and candy. They said their friend Santana (Garrett) wasn’t with them today because she was on her honeymoon and they were celebrating it too.

Most of the match was an aimless comedy brawl with the teams using the party favors and candy as weapons on each other. It looked like Thunder Rosa was going for something off the top rope towards the end of the match but then she just fell off.

Latasha and Gilbert showed the frustrated and disgusted body language and facial expressions. They left the ring and grabbed their titles and walked away from the match as the referee counted them out. Rosa and Holidead just watched them leave from inside the ring with confused looks on their faces.

The worst part of this was Leonard said the match was streaming live and free on Facebook as a way to entice people to subscribe to Club WWN or buy it on FITE. This definitely wasn’t Shine’s best foot forward to get people to pay for this junk!

Stormie Lee vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart pinned Lee in a sudden situation after what looked like a standing senton. She drove her elbow into the Lee’s midsection and it looked like it knocked the wind out of Lee. It took a while for Lee to get up after the match and the referee helped her to the back.

Riley Shepard vs. Allie Recks vs. Brandi Lauren in a 3-Way Match

Lauren pinned Recks after a flying neckbreaker off the second rope. It looked like Recks was about to beat Shepard, but Lauren jumped back in the ring and tossed Shepard out to make things one on one with Recks. Shepard and Recks showed each other respect after the match. Lauren has a top heel star quality.

Nova Champion AJ Perera and Aerial Monroe (with Ayla Fox) vs. Kiera Hogan and Dementia D’Rose (with Candy Cartwright)

Before the match started, Adams ran down the stipulations: If any member of The Cutie Pie Club wins, they win the Nova Title. If Team Triple A wins, Candy Cartwright is banned from Shine for 90 days.

Cartwright got on the mic and said she wanted to add another stipulation: if The Cutie Pie Club win, then she becomes the Nova Champion.

Fox then got on the mic and added yet ANOTHER stipulation! She said if Team Triple A wins, then all three members of The Cutie Pie Club are banned for 90 days. Cartwright agreed.

Monroe pinned D’Rose after a powerbomb so The Cutie Pie Club are gone from Shine for 90 days. There was a botch before the actual finish. The bell rang as it looked like Monroe had D’Rose pinned, but the referee said he only counted two so the match continued.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Ivelisse vs. Priscilla Kelly vs. Su Yung in an Elimination Match

Yung eliminated Kelly with the Panic Switch. The crowd booed as they didn’t expect or want Kelly to be eliminated first. They chanted “P.K.!” as she left the ring.

Martinez eliminated Yung after a fisherman buster.

Tension was teased between the usual tag team partners of Ivelisse and Martinez throughout the match. They went after each other as the final two left. All kinds of intense strikes were traded back and forth.

Ivelisse applied a beautiful looking satellite head scissors on Martinez in the ring. Martinez fought her way out of it by turning it into a side slam.

They worked incredibly hard to the point where you almost wished Kay would have been stripped of the title for things to be decided here.

Martinez gave Ivelisse an impressive looking spider suplex from off the top rope.

Ivelisse pinned Martinez after a couple of scorpion kicks followed up by a knockout kick.

After the match Ivelisse wanted to shake hand with Martinez out of respect but Martinez slapped her hand away in frustration and left the ring.

Adams said Shine will return to LA Boom on June 29. Shine 58 (aka the next show) is May 10 in Livonia, Michigan.