Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide “Rey de Reyes 2019” results, two tag title changes

Lucha Libre AAA “Rey de Reyes 2019” results on 3/16/19 broadcast on Twitch from Puebla City, Mexico:

World Mixed Tag Team Champions Nino Hamburguesa and Big Mami beat Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr. when Hamburguesa pinned Villano III Jr. after the splash off the rope. The rival soap opera love story with Hamburguesa and Maravilla continued as he protected Maravilla from Big Mami and even carried Maravilla back to the locker room after the match.

Cody came out to the ring for a promo. He had a cane because of his recent knee surgery. He teased the idea of having Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho appear in AAA in the future with the partnership between AEW and AAA. Konnan came out and interrupted with Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr., and Taurus. Konnan was mad and said Cody needed to get approval from him ahead of time before he comes out to make announcements. Escorpion and Texano, Jr. attacked Cody and double teamed him in the corner of the ring. Cody ended up fighting them off but then he got caught with a big spear from Taurus. Psycho Clown, Drago, Aero Star, Taya (Valkyrie), and Lady Shani made the save and all posed with Cody after.

Women’s Champion Lady Shani won a 4-Way Street Fight over Keyra, La Hiedra, and Chik Tormenta by pinning La Hiedra after a powerbomb into some chairs. Faby Apache came out and once again got into a confrontation with rudo referee El Hijo del Tirantes. Apache was attacked by Keyra. Taya made the save. This was a wild match with everyone going all out.

Tito Santana, Mocho Cota Jr., and Carta Brava Jr. beat Joe Lider, Taya, and Daga when Daga turned on Lider and slammed him into a ladder. Another wild match. Keyra and Tormenta came out and attacked Taya. Faby Apache returned the earlier favor and made the save on Taya.

Averno, Super Fly, and Chessman beat Drago, Pagano, and Puma King when Averno pinned Drago after a face buster. Insane ending and scary moment as King powerbombed Super Fly off the ring into a table and Fly landed bad.

Psycho Clown, Maximo, and Mamba beat Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross, and La Mascara in a Cage Match when Clown pinned La Mascara after a powerbomb off the cage into a table. This was a typical AAA strange one where the rules did make sense or didn’t seem to be enforced as people were just randomly coming in and out of the cage. Everyone else “escaped” leaving it down to Clown and La Mascara as the last two inside.

Blue Demon Jr. came out and did a promo talking about Dr. Wagner Jr. to continue their feud.

Aero Star won the Rey de Reyes 2019 over Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., Eclipse Vengador Jr., Taurus, Laredo Kid, Sammy Guevara, Jack Evans, and Golden Magic eliminating Kid for the win after a cutter for the pin.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix won the AAA World Tag Titles from Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr. when Pentagon got the pin on Texano Jr. after the double stomp and package piledriver double team finisher. Fenix immediately swooped out of the ring and did a dive on Escorpion on the outside to stop him from breaking up the pin.

After the match Konnan came out to cut a promo on the new champs. The lights went out and out came The Young Bucks. Konnan said there would be another tag title match right now.

The Young Bucks won the tag titles from Pentagon Jr. and Fenix after the Meltzer Driver for the pin on Pentagon. Konnan celebrated with The Bucks after. The match was also taped for the Being the Elite show and seemed like an effort to build up AEW’s Double or Nothing show on May 25. It would seem like a tag title rematch on that show is likely.