F1RST Wrestling “F1RST On FITE” iPPV Results 3/21/19: Grace vs. Martinez in match of the year contender

F1RST Wrestling “F1RST On FITE” show from Minneapolis, Minnesota at the James Ballantine VFW live on FITE on 3/21/19:

The familiar voices of Dave Prazak (Shimmer owner) and Kevin Harvey (Rise owner) were the announcer team. They said this is the first ever live iPPV event for F1RST Wrestling. It’s a sold out show with a hot crowd.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Solo Darling

Blackheart got the pin after the flying senton. The story of the match was Darling kept trying to apply the Sharp Stinger submission but Blackheart fought out of each attempt. Good opener. They showed each other respect after the match.

Sierra vs. Kara Noia

Sierra got the pin with a roll up and holding the tights as the referee didn’t see it.

Uptown VFW Champion Darin Corbin came out to the ring. He said he’s held the title for 364 days and it will be a year in a day because nobody can beat him.

Orange Cassidy came out to the surprise of everyone. He did his usual mellow stoner promo. He said he was here for an appointment.

Corbin was annoyed and said Cassidy wasn’t supposed to debut for the company until August.

Cassidy said he wants to take the title from Corbin to shut him up.

Corbin said he’ll defend the title if Cassidy put up the Independent Wrestling TV Title in the match too. Cassidy agreed.

Cassidy got the pin with a crucifix to win the Uptown VFW Title after kicking out of Corbin’s stunner and folding him over for the win.

It started off with the usual Cassidy slow motion comedy then it picked up into a serious wrestling match. There was a cool series of spots when Corbin forced Cassidy to keep his hands in his pants pockets then Cassidy quickly ran the ropes and did a backflip over Corbin all while managing to keep his hands inside of his pockets. The crowd gave Cassidy a standing ovation after the match.

Priscilla Kelly vs. Kylie Rae

I’m surprised that this match wasn’t the main event. Kelly noted on Twitter a couple hours before the show that she was under the weather going into the match.

Kelly got the win after the twisting neckbreaker off the rope and folding up Rae for the pin.

Very good, long match. Best match on the show so far. Rae is a true mat technician and Kelly gets better each time out. There were a few “shock value” spots from Kelly with grinding her crotch on the face of Rae and putting her hands down the trunks to then put her fingers in the mouth of Rae again just like on the Freelance Wrestling show.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jordynne Grace

Martinez got the pin with her Fisherman Buster.

This in my view was the best U.S. women’s match of the year that I’ve seen so far.  They traded vicious knee shots. Grace looks impressive and intimating because of her classic power lifter look, but she is not tall at all. It looked really impressive as she picked up the much taller Martinez with ease and gave her a couple of bodyslams in a row. Grace then showed uncanny athleticism for her muscular size by springing up to the ropes to deliver a Vader bomb that missed. Grace planted Martinez with a wicked looking powerbomb out of the corner. Martinez was able to get Grace up to hit a beautiful looking spinebuster. Martinez nailed Grace with two Saito Suplexes in a row. Hard hitting match that was mixed with mat wrestling and well-timed quick burst spots. The crowd gave them a standing ovation after.

Anything after the last two matches was going to be hard to follow.

Penelope Ford came out to the ring. She cut an arrogant and angry promo complaining that she didn’t even have a challenger yet to have a match on the show. She called out anyone in the back.

Joey Ryan came out to answer the challenge.

Ford pinned Ryan after shoving a blow pop up his thong exposed rear end (I’m not making this up) and hitting her handspring cutter for the win. This was a typical Ryan comedy match with his usual spots (Boob Plex, YouPorn Plex, etc.) until the R-rated finish.

Jessicka Havok vs. Kimber Lee in the main event

Havok pinned Lee after the tombstone piledriver off the top rope.

Even paced main event. Lee managed to German suplex Havok. Lee kept trying to wear down Havok with choke submissions but Havok was able to overpower everything. Havok wore down Lee’s back with backbreakers and hard kicks to the back. Lee made a come back with some big kicks but they were not enough to put Havok down. They showed respect after it was over.

This was a really fun show with two excellent matches. The crowd loved everything.

The commentary was totally obnoxious. Prazack was so over the top and hyper that it was distracting at times to the show. He and Harvey kept going down to their childhood memory lane with references to the WWF they both grew up on in the 1980s and 1990s along with doing their Vince McMahon impressions. Harvey plugged a women’s wrestling “news” site (not the top notch Diva Dirt) which is actually a shameful plagiarist “cut and paste site”.