Women Wrestling Notes: Gibbs, Ripley, and Jayne injured; upset Joshi legend; Shine/WWD drama

Sadie Gibbs had the very definition of a bittersweet week. She was announced as one of the newest additions to the AEW roster on 3/20/19. Then on 3/22/19 she announced that she was suffering from back problems due to her intense and innovative training routine. She was having pain that was causing her to be short of breath. She ended up doing a video to announce that she would not be able to compete at the UPW UK show on 3/22 where she was supposed to face Mercedez Blaze.

Former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Sammii Jayne announced that she underwent surgery on a broken clavicle that she’s actually been dealing with for four years. She made her pro wrestling debut in 2012.

NXT U.K. Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley apparently has some sort of foot or leg injury as she posted a picture of herself in a boot while still working out at a gym.

The legendary Manami Toyota is apparently upset that Bea Priestley is using the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex which Toyota innovated and made famous. She spoke out on Twitter about it and said she only wants Tsukasa Fujimoto of Ice Ribbon and Ikuto Hidaka of Pro Wrestling Zero1 to use it. Fujimoto also chimed into the discussion with a cartoon image of herself getting ready to give the move. She said she uses it out of respect to Toyota. Priestley turned 23 this week.

Shine/WWN continue to be unprofessional with fans and certain pro wrestling information outlets. They are not transparent or cooperative when it comes to their billing of Club WWN. When I inquired it was not a pleasant or productive experience.

It was announced that the Shimmer shows on March 30 and March 31 will also be broadcast on Club WWN (in addition to FITE) but it’s unclear if those shows will be included in the $10 a month service price or the same $25 price like on FITE.

Below is WWN’s reply to my inquiries and complaints about Club WWN: