Rise:Early To Rise results and notes 3/29/19

Rise mini convention “Early To Rise” from Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club a few hours before tonight’s live show on FITE at 9pm EST. The event was hosted by Alicia Atout.

AEW’s Brandi Rhodes noted last night on Twitter that she would be in Chicago on other business and she hinted at being tonight’s iPPV show. A lot of people in pro wrestling are courting for the attention of Brandi and Cody Rhodes in hopes it leads to big things with AEW.

Earlier in the day, Mercedes Martinez picked Jenna Lynn out of the Prospective Talent Pool to face her on this pre-show in an apparent exhibition match. These seminars have hopefuls pay $100 for training and career advice, and then one or two get chosen to appear on cards. It’s basically pro wrestling’s version of a $100 lottery ticket.

Lynn is from Texas and a regular on various Texas indie shows. She has a lot of spunk and character in her face. She’s shown a lot of progress and potential thus far in her short career with groups like Sabotage Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and Ladies Night Out.

There were apparently complications on the Twitch stream, and without notice, they started airing matches live on their Facebook page around 5pm EST.

Phoebe vs. Viva Von Starr (I think that was the name)

Phoebe gets the pin after a powerbomb. It was hard to see as Alicia Atout was filming on what seemed to be a cell phone on a stick. Phoebe is one half of the tag team champions (with Baby D.) in the Texas based Sabotage Wrestling promotion.

Ray Lyn vs. Janai Kai

Lyn got the pin but it was hard to see what the finish was.

Atout is absolutely adorable and charming as the host especially after being thrust into a bad technology situation at the last minute. She noted on Twitter that she will have a big announcement next week. The speculation is she could be headed to AEW or somewhere else as their interviewer.

Josh Shibata joins Atout. He will be the ring announcer for the evening. He works for a few West Coast indie groups and he’s very good at it.

Atout takes us on a roaming tour of the convention and the roster members meeting with the fans. It looked like just about every member of the roster was out there.

Allysin Kay vs. AQA

Kay got the pin in a good little match after the Yokosuka cutter.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jenna Lynn in an “I’ll Make You Famous Challenge”

Martinez got the pin after the Fisherman Buster. Lynn did her karate kid gimmick and she showed a lot of fire by getting in some offense and even a couple of near falls.

Josh Shibata warned the crowd before the main event of Priscilla Kelly vs. Session Moth Martina. He said if they have kids they may want to leave the room or shield their eyes during the match.

Mercedes Martinez popped out of the curtain and told Atout that Jenna Lynn’s headband has power and she wouldn’t have done that well in the match without it.

Priscilla Kelly vs. Session Moth Martina

Kelly came out to The Smiths classic “How Soon Is Now? as her theme song. Martina came out to her usual club music and dancing entrance.

On paper this definitely could have been a main card match. Kelly will also be in the Rumble match on the iPPV. She was a late addition to the cards last week.

Kelly got the pin after the flying hangman neckbreaker off the rope. A surprisingly good back and forth match with a little bit of comedy mixed in. The only adult content moment was Kelly pulling out a black rose from her trucks and giving it to Martina. Martina smelled it and sold it with the disgusted facial expressions and body language.

Top job to Alicia Atout as the host keeping it together live without missing a step.

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