SHIMMER 109-110 results 3/30/19 live on FITE

SHIMMER vol. 109 and vol. 110 results from Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club on 3/30/19 live on FITE:

Delilah Doom will not be wrestling on these shows because of her injury last night. She is there meeting with fans.

Lenny Leonard and Veda Scott are the broadcast team. Leonard said they are running late so they will show what was supposed to be the non-televised pre-show match.

Session Moth Martina came out. She said this match would be the “Session Moth Martina Extended Sessions”.

Session Moth Martina and Rok-C vs. Phoebe and Jenna Lynn

Rok-C pinned Phoebe after Martina’s springboard codebreaker and a Code Red. A very athletic comedy match with the three Texas indie wrestling stars getting a showcase with Martina.

Vol. 109-

Sierra vs. Thunderkitty

Sierra got the pin after a superkick.

Alisha Edwards vs. Shazza McKenzie

McKenzie submitted Edwards to the Shazzmission.

After the match, McKenzie said she wants a shot at the SHIMMER Title. Allysin Kay came out. She intimidated McKenzie and said McKenzie didn’t deserve a title shot. Kay basically said McKenzie had to go through her first before thinking about a title shot.

Indi Hartwell came out with Steph De Lander. She cut a promo and said her regular tag partner, Tessa Blanchard, couldn’t be there so she’s having De Lander watch her back. De Lander is the former FaceBrooke. She got rid of the mask and gimmick last night in the Rise rumble match.

Indi Hartwell vs. Allie Kat

Hartwell got the pin after a springboard dropkick as De Lander interfered a couple of times.

Keira Hogan vs. AQA vs. Miranda Alize vs. Penelope Ford vs. Hyan vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart got the pin on Alize after the top rope senton. Best match on the show so far by far. AQA landed on her heard after a Doomsday Device spot from Hyan and Penelope Ford, and then from a Saito Suplex from Blackheart.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Charli Evans and Jessica Troy

Chisako got the pin on Evans after a frog splash. This really picked up in pace towards the end of it.

Zoe Lucas came to the ring, but not with the Rise Title interestingly enough.

Solo Darling came out with a cardboard cut out of her usual tag team partner Willow Nightingale (aka Eye Candy in WOW) who is recovering from surgery after a broken neck.

Solo Darling vs. Zoe Lucas

Lucas was not announced as Rise Champion by ring announcer Josh Shibata. Leonard and Scott did acknowledge the title win on commentary.

Darling submitted Lucas to the SharpStinger.

This was a solid match with some clever spots. Darling hit an impressive scoop powerslam, but Lucas kicked out, and then Darling gave her two hard kicks to the rear end. Lucas tried to go for the scorpion kick but Darling blocked it with her hand and turned it into a Boston Crab. Lucas hit a Finley Roll, and followed up with a Penalty Kick, but Darling kicked out.

Hudson Envy vs. Aerial Monroe vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kris Wolf in a Four Corners Match

Envy pinned Monroe after cannonballing over Kimber Lee and Monroe after Lee hit the swanton bomb on Monroe.

Fun match with Wolf’s wolf head Tito coming into play at times in spots. Envy said she’s back from injury and putting the entire locker room on notice.

Heart of SHIMMER Champion Dust (with Rosemary) vs. Leva Bates

Dust got the pin when Rosemary distracted the referee as Leva was about to win after hitting the scary looking pedigree off the top rope. Dust hit Bates with the flag that Bates brought to the ring while the referee had his back turned arguing with Rosemary.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo

Martinez pinned Vox after a diving foot stomp. Martinez entered the ring with both Tag Titles to distract the referee. She slipped one of the belts to Melissa who used it as a shield as Vox and Exo did their Fish Flop finisher.

This was unfortunate for Vox and Exo. No one expected them to win, but they didn’t get much offense. They were made to look weak to build up Martinez and Melissa as dominant champs. Leonard even pointed out on commentary that the match was all Martinez and Melissa most of the time. It was also another bad finish with a referee being distracted.

SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy vs. Britt Baker

Savoy submitted Baker with her usual stretch hold finisher. This was successful defense #11 for Savoy. Hudson Envy attacked Savoy from behind after the match.

This was a very good straight up technical wrestling match. The announcers sure made it sound like Baker was leaving SHIMMER and might not be allowed to work future shows due to being under AEW contract.

It’s intermission for the live crowd in Berwyn, Illinois at 5:10pm CST, and for those of us watching on FITE, they’re showing Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) vs. Daizee Haze from 2006 in a 2/3 Falls Match.

Vol. 110-

The show kicked off at 6:45pm EST. Lenny Leonard and Allysin Kay are the announcers.

Charli Evans vs. Cherry

Evans got the pin after her Fisherman DDT. Solid opener. The announcers said this was Cherry’s debut and they didn’t have much information about her. She bowed to the crowd after her loss and the crowd seemed to like her.

Hyan vs. Aerial Monroe

Hyan got the pin after her face plant finisher. She jammed Monroe’s fingers through the turnbuckle slot connected the ring post and stomped on them. Monroe had a hard time defending herself for the rest of the match.

Sonya Strong vs. Jessicka Havok

Havok submitted Strong with a Boston Crab. This was good. Both women traded all kinds of roundhouse kicks and Strong did a kick off the off the top rope.

Steph De Lander (with Indi Hartwell) vs. Brittany Blake vs. Veda Scott vs. Nevaeh in a Four Corners Match

De Lander got the pin on Nevaeh after a boot to the face as Hartwell gave Nevaeh a forearm cheap shot to her back from outside the ring. Jessicka Havok came out after to protect Nevaeh. They glared at Hartwell and De Lander. Hartwell bailed out of the ring in fear and forced De Lander to go with her to the back.

Good match. Nevaeh gave Scott and Blake both a German suplex at the same time. Scott delivered a few nice looking lariats in the match.

Su Yung vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Yung pinned Blackheart after the Panic Switch.

This one was very intense. They traded all kinds of dangerous looking moves with each other. Blackheart gave Yung a Sliced Bread right on the ring apron. Yung gave Blackheart a draping hangman neckbreaker. Yung wrapped her legs around Blackheart’s head and drove her hard headfirst into the mat. The crowd chanted “That was awesome!” when it was over.

Lenny Leonard was rejoined by Veda Scott because Allysin Kay is wrestling later on as well.

Heart of SHIMMER Champion Dust (with Rosemary) vs. Solo Darling

Dust got the pin. Rosemary once again distracted a referee which allowed Dust to roll up Darling while holding the tights.

This was a rough and physical match. They were fighting up on the ropes and they both fell to the floor. It looked like Dust was trying to DDT Darling off the ropes. Darling looked like she might have bumped her head on the way down. Later in the match, Darling gave Dust a snap suplex on the ring apron.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Thunder Rosa and Holidead

Matsumoto pinned Rosa after the backdrop driver. Tons of action with lots of double teams and near falls to the point it was hard to take notes. The crowd gave them a standing ovation after.

Allysin Kay vs. Shazza McKenzie

Kay collapsed and top of McKenzie and held the ropes to get the pin.

Rosemary (with Dust) vs. Samantha Heights

Rosemary got the pin after a spear. Dust pulled at Heights’ leg when she was on the top rope. Rosemary then slammed Heights off the top rope and hit the spear. Dust and Rosemary went to attack Heights after the match but Brittany Blake made the save.

This set up a tag team match for tomorrow with Rosemary and Dust vs. Heights and Blake. If Heights and Blake win, Heights will get a HOS Title shot against Dust.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Charlie Morgan

Morgan pinned Martinez after the Impaler DDT.

This was Morgan’s first singles match in the USA. The crowd knew who she was and they were behind her. They started off with good technical wrestling and then Martinez became menacing and methodical in the match.

Martinez gave her a powerbomb off the rope right on the apron.

The big spot saw Morgan once again try to go to the top rope and Martinez pushed her off. It literally sent Morgan flying into the front row where she landed on a few fans.

Back in the ring, it looked like Martinez was finally ready to end the match, but Morgan caught her by surprise with the DDT for the win. The crowd gave Morgan a standing ovation.

SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy vs. Hudson Envy

Savoy won by submission with her usual hold. It was a competitive match but I don’t think anyone bought that Envy had a chance at winning the title.

This was defense #12 for Savoy. The show went off the air with Savoy walking to the back, so no new challengers were set up for tomorrow’s shows.

These shows are way too long and they were very dull overall on TV. The live crowd was very respectful and had a good time. The show started at 3:06pm and ended at 9:43pm EST.

As I expected going in, there was a lot of booking like the late 1980s to early 1990s WWF houseshows that Dave Prazak grew up on. Heels distract the referee. Heels use their feet on the ropes or pull tights to win. Heel managers choke the babyface on the bottom rope when the referee isn’t looking. That stuff is always going to happen in pro wrestling, but it’s really overdone in SHIMMER.

SHIMMER 111 and 112 will be on FITE tomorrow starting at 1pm EST for $25.

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