Wrestle Summit results 3/29/19: Titles change, Taya hurt

Wrestle Summit promoted by PCW Ultra from Wilmington, California on 3/29/19 live on FITE at the ILWU Memorial Hall:

Trey Miguel vs. Adams Brooks in a #1 con. match for the UltraLight Title

Miguel got the pin on Brooks but I didn’t see the finish as the signal briefly went out just as Miguel was flying off the ropes.

Wrestling Revolver Scramble Champion Scramble

Caleb Konley won to retain the title over Kikutaro, Randy Meyers, Happy Man, and Douglas James by pinning Kikutaro.

PCW Ultra Women’s Champion Tessa Blanchard and Daga vs. Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie

Daga pinned Impact after a low blow and a brainbuster.

Taya went for a moonsault and slipped. She landed face first on the turnbuckle then caught Daga in his clavicle with her knee area when she landed. She was stunned for several seconds as Impact kept talking to her. The crowd chanted “you fucked up”. Tessa was limping badly when it was over. As she was leaving the ring, she looked like she was tapping at her heel cord to try to get blood flowing.

Taya later posted a video and showed how badly bruised her face and eye is: https://twitter.com/thetayavalkyrie/status/1111876971657457664?s=21

Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan cut a promo before the match and said it would be under OVE Rules which means no rules. The announcers said this was a #1 con. match for the PCW Ultra Title.

Callihan pinned Cage with a double leg take down and using his feet on the ropes and Cage went for the buckle bomb.

PCW UltraLight Champion Jake Atlas vs. Dezmond Xavier

Atlas got the pin after the LGBDDT off the rope. This was an evenly match athletic contest with more action than could be kept up with.

Danny Maff and Shawn Donavan vs. Defy Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Jorel Nelson vs. Josef and Fatu (with Victorya Von) in an All Violence Is Legal Match with the winner getting both Tag Titles

Josef and Fatu won the Defy Tag Titles when Josef submitted Nelson to the Camel Clutch.

Josef and Maff each had a spike and traded off stabbing each other in the forehead. Both were bloody but Maff was an absolute mess. The cameras stayed on those two most of the match as everyone else brawled into the crowd. Maff hit Nelson with what looked like a Burning Hammer and Nelson landed ugly on his head. Then to make things worse, Fatu came flying in with a senton landing on both Maff and Nelson to break up a pin attempt.

Defy World Champion Artemis Spencer vs. Zachary Wentz

Spencer got the pin after a driver and twisting splash off the top rope. Really good match.

They briefly wrestled on the outside and did leapfrogs and quick side stepping against each other instead of the usual outside the ring brawl.

Wentz hit the Gunckel Driver and a UFO Cutter for a couple of near falls.

PCW Ultra Champion Shane Strickland vs. Mil Muertes

Muertes won the title with interference from Josef and Fatu. The feed actually went out before the finish on FITE but a fan at the show was able to pass along the result. Referee Rick Knox was bumped after accidentally getting speared by Muertes when Strickland was able to step out of the way.


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