wXw results from Woodside, N.Y.: David Starr quits the company

Westside Xtreme Wrestling results from Woodside, N.Y. at LA Boom on 4/4/19 live on FITE:

Santana and Ortiz (LAX) beat Jurn Simmons and Alexander James.

Avalanche beat Darby Allin.

Jordynne Grace beat Yuu. Grace was a last minute replacement for LuFisto who had a family emergency.

wXw Shotgun Champion Emil Sitoci beat Marius AL-Ani.

Lucky Kid beat David Starr.

After the match, Starr did a “pipe bomb” promo saying he’s quitting the company. He called WALTER a coward for going to WWE so he wouldn’t have to face him again in wXw. He said WWE is trying to destroy indie events while they don’t give their own wrestlers health care.

Chris Brookes beat Absolute Andy.

Tag Team Champions Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher beat JD Drake and Anthony Henry.

Unified World Champion Bobby Gunns beat Shigehiro Irie by submission.

Joey Janela showed up after the match and challenged for the title in a match to take place in Germany in the near future.


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