Impact Wrestling: United We Stand results 4/4/19

Impact Wrestling: “United We Stand” results live on FITE on 4/4/19 from Rahway, New Jersey:

They opened the show with video of Rob Van Dam arriving at the venue earlier today.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis are the announcers. Mathews said it’s a sold out show.

Ultimate X Match: Johnny Impact vs. Ace Austin vs. Dante Fox vs. Jake Crist vs. Pat Buck for a shot at the X-Division Title.

Impact captured the Big Red X to win the match and earn a future title shot at the X-Division Title.

The daredevil athletics of Impact and Austin were on display at the start as they inched their way across the big cable above the ring.

Austin climbed all the way up to the top of the huge ring structure and did a dive to the floor on everyone else below.

The finish came when Austin was hanging upside on the cable near the X and then Crist jumped off the rope to connect with a cutter sending them both right down to the mat. Impact was then able to climb across and get the X for the win.

They showed Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Brian Cage arguing in the locker room. You couldn’t hear a lot of it because the audio keeps going in and out.

Brain Cage, Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Tommy Dreamer vs. Daga, Drago, Marty the Moth, and Aerostar

Marty pinned Dreamer after an undertook DDT when Moose turned on his own team and speared Cage.

They cut to Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie backstage talking about having the deck stacked against her by having to defend in a 4-Way.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Katie Forbes vs. Rosemary

Valkyrie pinned Forbes after drop kicking Grace in the face as Grace was about to pin Forbes with the Grace Driver. Su Yung came out and distracted Rosemary before the finish.

This was fun but the camera work was really bad and shaking all over most of the match. Everyone teamed up to toss Rosemary out of the ring at the start. When Rosemary finally came back in, Grace got her in an airplane spin on her shoulders then turned it into a Samoan Drop. Forbes showed off her powerlifting skills by hoisting Valkyrie on her shoulders but then Grace nailed them both with a missile drop kick.

They showed Tessa Blanchard backstage. She said Joey Ryan became internet famous for what’s between his legs and tonight he’ll be her bitch.

Konnan did a backstage promo complaining about Low Ki.

Santana and Ortiz (with Konnan) vs. Low Ki and Ricky Martinez

Ortiz pinned Martinez after a Death Valley Driver. The camera work was even worse for this match and made it really hard to follow. A lot of people in the chat room are wanting refunds. This was a $20 show.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Joey Ryan

Blanchard got the pin after The Magnum.

This was good, but like with every Ryan inter gender match, you know he’s jobbing in ten minutes. There was less comedy than usual from Ryan. It was an incredible showcase for Blanchard who got in all kinds of wild offense.

Blanchard gave Ryan a Beal by his chest hair from one corner to another at the start. He was caught in the corner and she pelted him with a bunch of rapid fire forearms. She hit The Mini Magnum for a near fall.

Ryan recovered and sent Blanchard shoulder first into the ring post, which knocked her to the outside. Ryan followed up and worked on her arm outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Blanchard fought with one arm. She rallied and hit an amazing looking flying senton off the top rope. She looked like a meteor soaring into the sky.

Ryan made a few come backs getting in a overhead suplex, spinebuster, Boob Plex and the You Porn Plex.

Ryan got Blanchard in an elevated wristlock, but she somehow managed to spring up and counter it with a hurricanrana.

Fans gave them a standing ovation after it was over from what I could see with the bad lighting.

Tessa Blanchard has the same aura and swagger that her father and the rest of The Four Horsemen had back in 1988. She is supposed to be a heel but fans still respect her because they know that they are seeing someone special in the ring and on the microphone.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Flamita.

Swann got the pin after a Phoenix splash. Good match with lots of high flying and unique offense from both like usual with these two.

RVD and Sabu did a backstage promo with RVD acting like the forgetful stoner. He said The Lucha Brothers sound like losers and he and Sabu are winners.

Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Havoc in a Monster’s Ball Match

Callihan got the pin after first giving Havoc a piledriver on a pile of Legos and then another piledriver between two set up chairs.

They used a stapler on each other. Callihan stapled sections of newspapers to Havoc’s body that were found in a trash can in the ring. Havoc was bleeding from the face and Callihan poured orange juice or lime juice into the cut. Havoc used what looked like sandpaper to swipe between the toes of Callihan and then poured salt on the bare foot. They actually showed each other respect after the match with a fist bump.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. RVD and Sabu (with Melissa Coates)

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix got the win by pinning Sabu. The feed went out briefly right at the finish. When it came back on, the cameras showed RVD trying to break up the pin but he was too late.

It was all RVD and Sabu in the opening minute. Pentagon and Fenix made a comeback to make it more evenly matched. RVD and Sabu brought in a table and did their simultaneous leg drops off the top ropes to put Pentagon and Fenix straight through it for a near fall.

The lights went out in the building as both teams were showing respect to each other after the match. It stayed dark as the show went off the air.

That was a unfortunate and telling way to end this show which had many production problems. Bad camera work. Bad sound. Bad lighting. It came off like a bush league indie show.

Originally this show was supposed to be free on Twitch but they decided to make it a FITE ppv.

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