Groundbreaking Texas indie WrestleCircus will return

WrestleCircus, the Austin, Texas based indie company owned by Al and Lexie Lenhart, will return after a very lengthy hiatus.

They made a brief statement on their social media on 4/5/19 to announce a new show for Austin called “WrestleCircus: Encore.” An exact date and venue will be announced at a later time.

The company has an innovative place in pro wrestling history as they were the first promotion to broadcast entire shows free and live on Twitch in 2017. The wrestlers would interact with fans in the Twitch chat room from a laptop backstage before and after their matches.

The concept opened the technology door for several other indie groups to begin broadcasting live events and interact with fans on the platform as well.

In addition to Twitch, WC earned its reputation for booking indie dream cards for their highly enthusiastic “Circus Fam” crowd. Tessa Blanchard, Brian Cage, Sammy Guevara and others became bigger stars while working for the company with its unique broadcast reach.

Blanchard and Cage had a fantastic inter gender match at WC on 2/17/18 which definitely wasn’t the stereotypical and predictable comedy usually seen with the type of matches.

Much has changed in pro wrestling since WC ran their last show on 3/24/18. Many indies have stopped running on Twitch because they do not make any money on the ads from it.Companies are now divided between doing iPPV on FITE and monthly streaming services like Highspots Network, Title Match Network, and Independent Wrestling TV.


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