Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy show 4/19/19, Tryout Camp offer 4/27/19

Santino Bros. will hold an event called “We Run This City” right at the school in Bell Gardens, California on 4/19/19 at 8:30pm PST.

Jake Atlas, Ruby Raze, and Lucas Riley vs. The Bomb Squad and Slice Boogie

Eli Everfly vs. Matt Vandagriff

Heather Monroe vs. Dom Kubrick

Submission Champion Robby Phoenix vs. Zokre

Donnie Suarez vs. RJ Santos

Tickets are available here:

Santino Bros. will hold a one day tryout camp at the school on 4/27/19 at 9am PST. The cost is $99, but it will also go towards your tuition if you sign up for a class. Sign up here:

This is the best pro wrestling school in the United States, not just because of the quality of training, but because of their honesty and transparency.

They have countless videos posted on their social media pages to show the public exactly what they will be getting into with classes. They also give tips on how to do basic holds and moves to practice elsewhere. The level of training is fast paced and high intensity.

Eli Everfly, Jake Atlas, Heather Monroe, Ray Rosas, and Ruby Raze are graduates from the school who return to train and coach others. Delilah Doom was trained by Funaki Dojo but she continues to learn her craft at SBW.

I don’t expect DoomFly and Atlas to remain indie “free agents” for long with WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, and MLW currently in a bidding war for new talent.

Full shows of previous SBW events are free on YouTube.

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