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British Empire Wrestling women’s International Grand Prix 6/16/19

British Empire Wrestling announced matches for their women’s International Grand Prix Tournament on 6/16/19 in Mitcham, U.K. at The Sherwood School:

Amber Nova (USA) vs. Lexa Valo (Germany)

Kat Von Kaige (Wales) vs. Calamity Kate (Canada)

Kasey Owens (Ireland) vs. Mila Smidt (France)

Machiko San (USA) vs. Nadia Sapphire (Wales)

Last year’s winner KC Spinelli (Canada) will also be in the tournament as well as Moxie Mollie (USA), Molly Spartan (Scotland), Avary (Australia), and Shawna Reed (USA).

Also on the show:

Sadie Gibbs, Rose Wilde, and Alexxis Falcon vs. Skye Smitson, Jayde, and Rhio

BEW Champion Kieran Kurupt vs. James Mason (men’s title match)

Tickets for the show are here:



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