Bar Wrestling 33: “Juiced” results 4/10/19

Bar Wrestling 33: “Juiced” from Los Angeles, California at the Bootleg Theatre on 4/10/19. This event is now currently available on Highspots Wrestling Network:

Jonny Loquasto and Kathy Campanelli are the broadcast team. This could be Loquasto’s last Bar Wrestling as he was just recently hired by WWE.

PJ Black (with Spider Monkey) vs. Andy Brown

Black came out with Spider Monkey on a leash. He said he was training Monkey to eventually be his tag team partner. He chained Monkey to one of the ring posts before the match began.

Black got the pin after a moonsault into a double stomp. The referee was bumped in the corner and fell out of the ring. That gave Spider Monkey the opportunity to interfere by jumping off the top rope with a twisted stunner to Brown and then a senton before the finish.

Luchasaurus and Brandon Cutler vs. Tyler Bateman and Ryan Taylor

Cutler was pinned after Taylor’s perfect circle and Bateman’s death from above.

Eli Everfly vs. Heather Monroe

Monroe got the pin after a superplex immediately followed by a Michinoku Driver.

This was evenly matched with all kinds of exchanges between the two. At one point Everfly gave Monroe a package powerbomb. Both are graduates of Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy and they still train and coach there.

Daga vs. Jake Atlas

Daga got the pin after a leaping Impaler DDT.

Another very good match on the show. Fast paced action with lots of gymnastics. This was the first match between the two. Originally it was supposed to be Atlas vs. Tessa Blanchard, but Blanchard announced she wouldn’t be able to make the show the day before.

Joey Ryan, Ray Rosas, and Peter Avalon vs. WATTS, YUMA, and BHK

Ryan, Rosas, and Avalon all gave WATTS the YouPorn Plex and piled on to pin him at the same time.

Kylie Rae vs. Taya Valkyrie

This is Rae’s first appearance for the group and a first time match between the two.

Valkyrie got the pin after the Road to Valhalla.

Good match. The story was Rae kept trying to use her mat wrestling skills but Valkyrie kept cutting her off with big impact moves.

The next Bar Wrestling show is 4/25/19 in Baldwin Park, California at the American Legion as mentioned here:


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