Marvelous Pro results 4/21/19

Marvelous Pro from Osaka, Japan at Azalea Taisho Hall on 4/21/19:

Maria beat Momoka Hanazono.

MIKAMI and Leo Isaka beat Panda-chan and Takahiro Katori.

DASH Chisako and Hyan beat HIROe Nagahama and Mei Hoshizuki when Hyan got the pin on Nagahama. Hyan is a regular on the Texas indie circuit. She is the current champion for Sabotage Wrestling in Texas.

Yuu Yamagata and Tomoko Watanabe beat Mikoto Shindo and May Lee.

Sakura Hirota, Takumi Iroha, and Rin Kadokura beat KAORU, Chikayo Nagashima, and Megumi Yabushita.

This event was streamed live on Fresh Live which costs ¥600

The next event is on 5/12/19 in Kanagawa.

Marvelous tends to get lost in the American pro wrestling news media cycle with so many other women’s groups running in Japan. I was not aware that they had a streaming service until this weekend.


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