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Actwres girl’Z results 4/25/19

Actwres girl’Z results from Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan on 4/25/19:

Cherry beat Ayumi Hayashi.

Mari beat Momo Tani after a buzzsaw kick.

Kakeru Sekiguchi and Miku Aono beat Kaori Yoneyama and Ayano Irie when pinned Irie after a lariat.

Yumiko Hotta and Hanako Nakamori beat Saori Anou and Maika Ozaki when Nakamori pinned Ozaki after the Destiny Hammer.

Himeka Arita and Miyuki Takase beat Rina Yamashita and SAKI when Arita pinned SAKI after a jumping knee strike.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for the results.



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