Kris Wolf says farewell to the ring: Pro-Wrestling EVE results

Pro Wrestling: EVE results of Kris Wolf’s retirement show live on EVE On Demand from London, U.K. at the sold out Resistance Gallery on 4/26/19:

Kris Wolf came to the ring to open the show and thanked the crowd for coming out. She ran down the list announcements with ring announcer Emily Read. Wolf herself booked this show.

Session Moth Martina vs. Erin Angel vs. Laura Di Matteo vs. Killer Kelly

Angel, Di Matteo, and Kelly were out there with white makeup on and given “sperm” nicknames. They were acting like they wanted to get Martina pregnant. Martina’s gimmick is that she’s a party girl with multiple children at home so she doesn’t want anymore.

Kelly got the pin on Martina after a DVD but Di Matteo and Angel piled on top as well. Everyone hugged Martina after.

Jinny vs. Jetta

Both women came out dressed as teenagers.

Jinny got the pin after an acid rainmaker when Jetta was distracted by the voice of her mother over the speakers.

The recurring storyline theme of the show is all of the matches and roster alter egos are supposed to represent different phases of Wolf’s life and career.

Charlie Morgan, Alex Windsor, and Wolf are in and out to join Dann Read on commentary.

Viper (as The Mountain) vs. Jamie Hayter (as The Ninja)

Hayter got the pin after a running knee shot. Viper gave some stiff shots, including a back elbow, and it looked like Hayter was bleeding from the mouth and nose a little.

Charli Evans vs. Tito (Kris Wolf’s pet wolf head)

Tito was put on the head of a blow up doll and Evans wrestled against it. “They” even wrestled into the crowd for a bit.

Evans got the pin after holding Tito’s tights.

This was a long DDT style “performance art” match with lots of near falls from both. Evans brought in a pile of thumbtacks to try to pop Tito by slamming him off the top rope but he reversed it and she landed into the pile. Tito tried to shake Evans’ hand after the match but she gave him a low blow kick.


Eve Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Nina Samuels

Ray got the pin after Samuels brought in a chair and bumped the ref with it. Kris Wolf ran in and acted as the new ref. Samuels originally had Ray covered for what should have been three but Wolf counted slow and Ray kicked out. Ray hugged Wolf after the match and Viper joined in.

Ray said Emi Sakura would no longer be able to face her at WrestleQueendom on 6/30/19. She said anybody else who wanted to step up could. Viper answered the challenge in a friendly rivalry type of tone and Kay accepted.

Dann Read spoke to the crowd from the balcony area where he broadcasts from. He said Kris Wolf would now face everyone in a Gauntlet Match to give her a proper send off. He told the crowd it would be emotional and for them to make it sound like 20,000 people were in the building.

Kris Wolf vs. Laura Di Matteo

Each match will have a two minute time limit.

Dann Read said Di Matteo was Wolf’s first match in EVE years ago.

They went to a draw and hugged after.

Erin Angel vs. Kris Wolf

Wolf cradled Angel for the pin as they fought over a stick that Angel brought in the ring.

Rhia O’Reilly vs. Kris Wolf

O’Reilly sang a song and taunted Wolf to bite her on the ass. Wolf did and then pinned her in about 5 seconds. They hugged after.

Charlie Morgan came into the ring. She said she really wanted to wrestle her but she can’t because of being injured with the broken ankle. She said she had someone to replace her.

Jetta came out dressed as Charlie Morgan. She had a LGBTQ Rainbow Flag with her and she gave it to Wolf. Wolf accepted it and put it around her neck.

Wolf bit Jetta on the ass and Jetta tapped out like it was a submission. They hugged and Morgan joined in.

Wolf vs. Rebel Kinney

Wolf got the pin in about 3 seconds after tossing the Rainbow Flag in Kinney’s face.

Killer Kelly vs. Kris Wolf

Wolf got the pin after a code breaker. Kelly showed compassion and wouldn’t beat Wolf when she had the chance so Wolf took advantage of the kindness.

Viper vs. Kris Wolf

They went to a time limit draw. Wolf actually had her in an inside cradle and almost got the pin when time expired.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Kris Wolf

Wolf slipped out of the Dirty Bomb attempt and turned it into a sunset flip for the pin. Ray symbolically gave Wolf the Eve Title and said if she can ever come back to wrestling she’ll get a title shot.

Session Moth Martina vs. Kris Wolf

Wolf got the pin after a few comedy exchanges as Martina was doing the grinding dance stuff on her.

Nina Samuels vs. Kris Wolf

Samuels got the quick pin after a kick and the Go To Sleep. She quickly left the ring as the crowd booed.

Jinny vs. Kris Wolf

They went to a draw.

Jamie Hayter vs. Kris Wolf

They went to the draw then Jinny and Charli Evans jumped in to help Hayter stomp Wolf.

Act Yasukawa came out and helped Wolf fend off the heels.

Charli Evans vs. Kris Wolf

Tito was back in to even the odds and he actually gave Evans a German suplex.

Wolf got the pin on Evans to win the Gauntlet after a meteora.

After the match, Wolf had the entire locker room come out to join her. She thanked everyone for sharing the ring with her. She said it’s been a rough few months but she really believes it’s the right time to end things.

Dann Read said he doesn’t want to have to cut the show because that will mean it really is the end. The crowd and roster chanted their love for Wolf.

They played a really nice video package of Wolf’s time in EVE. Members of the past and present roster sent recorded messages to Wolf.

The roster in the ring piled up on Wolf and gave her a big group hug.

Dann Read said it was time for the unfortunate tradition and they gave a 10-Bell Salute to officially mark the end of Wolf’s career. Wolf was overcome with emotion as she held Tito and looked on adoringly at the crowd to take in every moment.

The roster tossed a bunch of streamers over her. Her spouse was in the ring and gave her a big kiss.

Very emotional scene and a fitting class act send off for Wolf by EVE. The On Demand will be here after it’s archived:’re-all-gonna-die!-aka-the-kris-wolf-retirement-show/86757/feature

The next EVE show is 5/11/19 which is their 9th Anniversary show.


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