WSU results 4/27/19

WSU results from Voorhees Township, N.J. at the Colossal Sports Academy on 4/27/19:

Violette beat Veda Scott.

Ariela Nyx beat Monet Nia.

Ruthless Lala beat Nevaeh Chantelle.

Damaris beat Valentina by DQ when Valentina refused to listen to the referee’s five count on the ropes.

Aja Perera beat Kasey Catal to become #1 con. to the Spirit Title on 6/7/19.

Davienne beat Megan Mason.

Ravana Xin beat Izzy McCoy.

WSU Tag Team Champions Angel Sinclair and Ava Everett beat Lucious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert.

Brittany Blake beat Diamanté by half crab submission.


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