Ladies Night Out 6 results:Kylie Rae says goodbye to LNO

Ladies Night Out 6 results on the Title Match Network from Texas City, Texas at World Gym Arena on 4/27/19:

Brad Gilmore, Matt Topolski, and Barbi Hayden are the announcers.

Jenna Lynn vs. Jewells Malone

Lynn came out dressed in full Hong Kong Phooey type of gear. Hayden said Malone is a hardcore wrestler from Canada. Hayden once defended the NWA Women’s Title against her in Canada.

I compared Lynn to a 1970s classic cartoon and the announcers compared her to mid-90s video games like Mortal Kombat.

Lynn got the pin after a forward roll off the rope into rolling snap suplex.

Lynn gave Malone several martial arts strikes at one point in the match. Malone was bleeding a little from the mouth. I thought she lost a tooth at first. Lynn has “pizazz” as David McLaine would say.

Allie Recks vs. Miranda (Alize)

Miranda got the pin after giving Recks a hot shot on the second rope and following up with a shining wizard.

This was a wild. Miranda jumped Recks from behind as she was making her entrance and mauled her for the first part of the match. Recks made a rebound in the ring and tried to cradle her up for a few near falls. They traded chops and forearms. It looked like the story is Miranda has the capability of being a brawler as well as a wrestler. The announcers questioned why there was such bad blood between the two. With the way this company books, both women came out looking good here and it made you want to see a rematch.

Rok-C vs. Harlow O’Hara

O’Hara pinned Rok-C after the fisherman DDT.

Fans reacted to some of O’Hara’s offense like it was a fireworks show. She had Rok-C in the corner and gave her a hard chop right on the stomach. I could definitely hear it at home. Later, she gave Rok-C a unique looking knee shot to the face and a spinning back fist that looked more like a hard chop to the face.

Kiera Hogan vs. Ivory Robyn

Hogan got the pin with the twisted fisherman suplex.

It started off friendly then thing got competitive as the match went on. They showed each other respect after it was over.

Kylie Rae open challenge segment

Rae came to the ring and said she was back one last time because it was her home. She said anyone who wanted a shot at her could come out.

The announcers mentioned she was under contract to AEW and she will debut on the Double or Nothing event next month.

An eager Jenna Lynn came out to answer the challenge. Raychell Rose then ran out and pulled Lynn out of the ring and rammed her shoulder first into the ring steps to steal her spot.

Kylie Rae vs. Raychell Rose

Rose pinned Rae in an “upset” reversing a brainbuster attempt into an inside cradle.

This was a solid technical wrestling match and evenly matched. They both got in a couple of suspenseful near falls towards the end to where it looked like either could win. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” The announcers put over that Rose has now made a name for herself with the victory.

Member of the roster and others came out to give Rae a big cake as the fans chanted “Thank You, Kylie!” To show how this brand seems to break a lot of the past and present pro wrestling stereotypes, nobody ended up in the cake. It was a legit nice moment. Rae gave high fives to all the fans at ringside and held up a little boy who couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old. The announcers said he is a regular at the shows.

Su Yung vs. Laynie Luck in a NO DQ Match

Luck pinned Yung after a cutter off the top rope onto a bunch of chairs set up in the ring that Luck covered with ceiling tiles she found under the ring. Some of the tiles broke apart on the impact. It looked really dangerous but Yung appeared to be okay afterwards.

Yung grabbed Luck’s costume unicorn head and forced it on Barbi Hayden at the start of match. Hayden briefly wandered around ringside like she was possessed by it but she rejoined doing commentary like normal.

Jordynne Grace vs. Penelope Ford

Grace got the pin after the Grace Driver.

It started off with a lock up then Grace bealing Ford across the ring a few times. They exchanged a series of sunset reversals. There was a cool spot where Ford hit Grace with a flying body press, but it had no effect, and Ford bounced right off of her. Ford tried to do her athletic handstand moves but Grace nailed her with a pounce.

Grace got Ford into an electric chair position and spun around a few times then dropped her face first into the side of the ring.

Ford got in a crucifix bomb for a near fall.

Ford connected with a missile dropkick for two and then immediately locked in a crossface but Grace got the foot on the rope.

They did a few standing switch reversals and then Grace caught her with the finisher.

The ring announcer said there will be a LNO7 but didn’t give a return date.

You can catch the replay of LNO6 and past LNO here:

Here is video of the Yung vs. Luck match finish:


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