STARDOM Cinderella Tournament 2019 results, Toni Storm makes an appearance

STARDOM results from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on 4/29/19. Today is a national holiday in Japan called Shōwa Day in honor of Emperor Shōwa.

Toni Storm came out to the stage with the roster all lined up. Storm was in regular clothes and the roster was wearing this year’s tournament event t-shirt. The shirt is pink with a big logo of a white Cinderella slipper on it. There was a graphic of the tournament bracket above them on the stage.

Hanan and Saya Iida won a 3-Way Tag Match over Ruaka and Rina, and Leo Onozaki and Hina when Iida pinned Hina.

Round 1-

AZM pinned Rebel Kel after a hurricanrana.

Starlight Kid pinned Natsu Sumire with an inside cradle.

Hazuki defeated Bea Priestley. The over the top rule is in play. Priestley was trying to go for the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex but Hazuki sent her over the top to win.

Arisa Hoshiki pinned Saki Kashima with a body press.

Hana Kimura beat Andras Miyagi after a dropkick to knock her out of the ring to win.

Kagetsu vs. Tam Nakano went to the 10-minute time limit draw. As a result, both are eliminated from the tournament.

Natsuko Tora pinned Jungle Kyona after a diving leg drop.

Konami beat Momo Watanabe by the over the top rule.

Round 2-

Starlight Kid beat Hazuki by sending her over the top rope in a minute or so.

Konami used the triangle lancer to submit AZM.

Natsuko Tora sends Hana Kimura over the top for the win.

Semi- Finals: Arisa Hoshiki pinned Natsuko Tora after a body press. (Hoshiki advanced into this match when Kagetsu and Tam Nakano were eliminated with their draw in the first round.)

Konami used the triangle lancer to submit Starlight Kid.

Finals: Arisa Hoshiki pinned Konami after the Brazilian Kick to win the tournament.

The pageantry will now begin as Hoshiki will change into the ceremonial dress and reveal her “wish” to be granted for winning the tournament.

Hoshiki wore a blue dress. Toni Storm presented her with the trophy and congratulated her.

Her wish is to face Momo Watanabe in the future for the Wonder of STARDOM Title.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for the results.

The event will be on Stardom World within the next couple of days:


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