A Cool Match Set For Bar Wrestling 35

Bar Wrestling announced part of their line up for show #35 on 5/8/19 at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Jungle Boy (aka Jack Perry) will face David Arquette on the show in what will no doubt be a tribute to the memory of Luke Perry.

Luke Perry was a good friend of the Arquette family. David and the late Alexis Arquette co-starred with Perry in the movie “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in 1992. David also appeared in Season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210 in the memorable “Wild Horses” episode playing the infamous Dennis “Diesel” Stone.

Also on the card:

Joey Ryan vs. KC Spinelli (Spinelli appears in Impact at times as one Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids)

Jake Atlas and Heather Monroe vs. Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas

Taya Valkyrie, DAGA, Zokre, and Phoenix Star vs. WATTS, YUMA, BHK, and Ryan Taylor.

Advanced tickets for $25 will be here eventually: https://www.bootlegtheater.org/e/bar-wrestling-it-s-gonna-be-may-60276199736/%E2%80%AC?fbclid=IwAR2mlTlwK2gusHFnIzCvmZqHqJS3OYdVowngEmZ-iXyQ01k-8xDrmqg9pgM


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