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Ice Ribbon results 5/1/19: Title Change

1 May 2019

Ice Ribbon results from Yokohama Radiant Hall:

Maya Yukihi won the Triangle Ribbon Championship in a 3-Way Match with Bunny Oikawa and Tsukasa Fujimoto by submitting Oikawa who was the champion coming in. Yukihi is also currently the top title holder and one half of the tag team champions in the company.

Giulia, Amazon, and Naoki Kamata beat Ibuki Hoshi, Himeka Arita, and Shoki Kitamura when Giulia submitted Arita.

Tequila Saya, Miyako Matsumoto, and Satsuki Totoro beat Matsuya Uno, Asahi, and Chabela when Matsumoto pinned Asahi with a clutch.

Tsukushi, Hamuko Hoshi, and Makoto beat Kyuri, Tae Honma, and Maika Ozaki when Tsukushi pinned Kyuri after the diving foot stomp.

Risa Sera pinned Suzu Suzuki after a double knee drop. This was apparently a No DQ/Hardcore Match as Suzuki rode her bicycle around ringside and ran Sera over with it at one point.

Mochi Miyagi and Kurumi Hiiragi beat Rina Yamashita and Akane Fujita when Hiiragi pinned Fujita.

Big thanks to Adam Hollis for the results. He will also be at the Actwres girl’Z show later today which will also be held at Radiant Hall as Golden Week events continue.

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