SEAdLINNNG results 5/2/19

SEAdLINNNG results from Yokohama Radiant Hall on 5/2/19:

Amazon, Giulia, Himeka Arita, and Ibuki Hoshi beat Naoki Kamata and Shoki Kitamura when Amazon hit Kamata with a lariat to send her out of the ring for the win.

Itsuki Aoki used a Texas Cloverleaf to submit Maria.

Tsukushi won a 3-Way Match over Miyuki Takase and Mei Hoshizuki.

Yoshiko, Asuka (not the WWE star), and Makoto beat Nanae Takahashi, Sae, and Rina Yamashita when Yoshiko pinned Sae after the diving senton.

Tsukasa Fujimoto and Arisa Nakajima went to a 20-minute time limit Hiroyo Matsumoto and Amazon.


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