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RISE with two can’t miss shows live on FITE 5/17/19 & 6/30/19


RISE has two big shows coming up live on FITE. Both shows will only cost $10 each with $2 credits back if you order before 24 hours in advance.

-RISE “Luminous” takes place on 5/17/19 from South Gate, California at the American Legion at 11 pm EST (8 pm PST):

Cherry Bomb (aka Allie) vs. Rosemary in a steel cage match. This will be the last appearance for Allie in RISE as she is now with AEW.

Phoenix of RISE Champion Zoe Lucas vs. Aerial Monroe

Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Rayne

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Miranda Alize

Heather Monroe, Laura James, Taya Valkyrie and a mystery partner vs. Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, Nicole Savoy, and a mystery partner

Raze (aka Ruby Raze) vs. Big Mama

-Rise “Pride and Joy” will be from Chicago at 6 pm EST (5 pm CST) at Logan Square Auditorium on 6/30/19:

Cassandro el Exoticio vs. Mercedes Martinez

Shotzi Blackheart will defend her War of the Genders Title (the Texas-based Sabotage Wrestling recognized championship) in an Open Challenge Match

Dementia D’Rose vs. Joey Ryan. D’Rose is a regular in SHINE as part of The Cutie Pie Club with Keira Hogan and Candy Cartwright.

Priscilla Kelly, Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, and Jake Atlas have also been announced.

Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss will be the hosts of the event. Both are members of the AEW roster. Rose has a great wit and sense of humor on her social media pages. She has also done some acting in the Canadian TV show “The Switch”.

Allysin Kay and Veda Scott will be calling the action.


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