STARDOM “Golden Week Stars 2019” results 5/6/19

STARDOM results from Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan on 5/6/19. Hana Kimura’s new Tokyo Cyber Squad was in charge of the evening and this event brings the Golden Week 2019 events to a close for STARDOM.

Jungle Kyona won the Janken Tournament, which is the roster dressing up in costumes while competing in a game of rock, paper, scissors. Toni Storm came out dressed as Minoru Suzuki and several others were dressed as Disney characters.

Starlight Kid and Arisa Hoshki won a Tag Team Gauntlet Match over Ruaka and Rina, Leo Onozaki and Hina, Hana and Saya Iida.

Bea Priestley won a 3-Way Match over Momo Watanabe and Rebel Kel by pinning Kel with the Queen’s Landing.

Andras Miyagi and Natsuko Tora beat Tam Nakano and Saki Kashima when Miyagi pinned Kashima after the tombstone piledriver.

Toni Storm pinned Konami after the Strong Zero.

Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona, and Kaori Yoneyama beat Kagetsu, Hazuki, and Natsu Sumire in an Ultimate X/Money in the Bank type of match with a reward hanging above the ring. Toyko Cyber Squad wants a future shot at the 6-man titles as a result of the win.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for the results.

The next STARDOM show is 5/16/19.


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