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The UWF returns hosted by Jasmin St. Claire

A reboot of the late Herb Abrams Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) is bringing back the “Beach Brawl” event. It will be held in Santee, California at Carlton Oaks Country Club on 6/23/19.

AVN Hall of Famer, B-movie actress, and radio show host Jasmin St. Claire will host the event. She is no stranger to pro wrestling appearing in ECW, Rob Black’s XPW, and even early TNA over the decades. She also owned the 3PW indie group for a little while.

Buggy Nova, Ruby Raze, Black Mamba, Toxik, Sean Xavier, and Krazy Klown have been announced for the event so far. Tickets are available here:

If the “Beach Brawl” name sounds familiar, it’s the same name as the UWF’s first and only pay-per-view from 1991 which did a disastrous buyrate. Thanks to the power of YouTube, you can see the whole event for free: 

Herb Abrams was able to get ownership of the legendary UWF name because promoter Bill Watts did not maintain the legal trademark rights to it. Fans were often confused over the name in the 1990s as they tuned in expecting to see the quality booking and intense action of the Watts group.



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