WrestleCircus: Encore results 5/12/19: New Champions Crowned

WrestleCircus: Encore results from Austin, Texas at 800 Congress on 5/12/19 live on Twitch:

This is the company’s return show after a near year and a half hiatus. The show starts on time at 8 pm EST with the crowd chanting “Welcome Back!”

Ring announcer Loudon Noxious announced that Brian Cage has vacated both the Ringmaster Title and the Sideshow Title. He said the new Ringmaster Champion will actually be crowned tonight.

Scorpio Sky (with Kevin Condron) vs. Dezmond Xavier in a tournament match for the vacant Ringmaster Title

Rob Sanderson is the new play by play man and he’s joined by Sammy Guevara. They said it’s breaking news that a new champion will be decided tonight instead of the next show. Guevara said he thought WC was done but he wanted to be part of it one more time before he heads to AEW. Sanderson said Cage gave up the titles due to injuries and other commitments.

Dezmond Xavier pinned Scorpio Sky after a Pele Kick when Sky collided with Condron on the ring.

Hot opener with lots of high flying action. Sky gave Xavier a running high knee from across the ring that looked incredible. The crowd chanted “You fucked up!” at Condron when it was over. Sky gave the crowd a respectful salute and shook everyone’s hand on the way to the back. It looks like his last show as SoCal Uncensored is now AEW.

Shazza McKenzie vs. Christi Jaynes vs. Leva Bates vs. Alex Gracia

Colin Delaney joins on color commentary.

Bates came to the ring dressed up as Cody and held a small white stuffed animal dog which was supposed to be Pharaoh.

Leva Bates pinned Shazza McKenzie after the Cross Rhodes.

There was a whole lot of free press for AEW on commentary during the match.

Noxious told the crowd before the next match that Bates winning puts her in line for a shot at the Lady of the Ring Title currently held by Tessa Blanchard (who’s working the Warrior Wrestling show tonight in Chicago Heights).

Big Top Tag Team Champions Gregory James and Andy Dalton vs. Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel vs. Logan and Sterling Riegel

Gregory James has changed his name to Isaiah James.

Wentz and Miguel won the titles after pinning Dalton with a double team finisher.

This was very good. Non-stop action from start to finish. At one point they did a human centipede spot where they all got each other in a standing choke hold. The Insidious Follower (the masked valet of James) ran in the ring from out of nowhere and tried to interfere but got caught in a choke too. She then grabbed the referee in a choke until he finally broke it up with a jawbreaker.

6-Way Match: Lance Hoyt vs. Colin Delaney vs. Peter Avalon vs. Fuego Del Sol vs. Spryda vs. Will Allday

Avalon cut a promo before the match and is already doing his AEW “other” Librarian gimmick. He said he wanted more people in the match.

Spryda and Will Allday came out to make it an 6-Way Match.

Hoyt pinned Del Sol after crucifix bomb.

Another really good match with everyone flying around the ring and Hoyt treating them like rubber balls at times.

After the match Hoyt said he doesn’t believe in handshakes and hugs after matches. All the other wrestlers in the match then jumped him and forced him in the middle of the ring on his knees as they smashed up against him with a group hug until he shoved them all away. The crowd chanted “You Got Hugged!”

Hoyt then forced the ring announcer to make an announcement for him. Noxious plugged the NJPW G-1 show in Dallas on 7/6/19 really hard. He said they had tickets for it there that people can buy during intermission.

Hoyt got on the mic and told people not to waste their money on “that other stuff” and to come to G-1 to see real wrestling and real wrestlers like Okada.

Noxious then gave away a G-1 ticket to a little kid named Artemis who will have a birthday in July. Hoyt had Artemis come into the ring with him and asked the crowd to sing Happy Birthday early. He had Artemis pose on all sides of the ring and Artemis leaped up to give him a big high five. Another class act moment from Hoyt.


Sammy Guevara vs. Joey Janela in a tournament match

Guevara came out to a hero’s welcome from the crowd.

Colin Delaney rejoins commentary.

Guevara pinned Janela after they struggled on the top rope and Guevara gave him a headbutt and followed up with a shooting star press for the win.

Excellent intense match with high flying. They wrestled like it was a big title match and not a tournament match. They shook hands afterwards.

Jake Atlas vs. Puma King

Puma pinned Atlas. The finish came out of nowhere and I don’t know if it was planned. They were fighting up on the ropes and Puma either shoved Atlas off, or Atlas slipped off, then Puma jumped on top for the pin. Atlas was favoring the back of his head and rolled out of the ring but walked to the back on his own.

The match was back and forth with non-stop high energy where you couldn’t keep up with everything they did.

Sami Callihan vs. JT Dunn

Callihan cut a promo before the match. He said he’s a big time TV star and he talked to the office to make it OVE Rules. Dunn agreed.

Dunn pinned Callihan after a series of elbow strikes and a running elbow shot.

This was yet another really good match. It was a mix of a brawl with lots of wrestling and several near falls throughout. The crowd gave them a standing ovation afterwards and they were surprised that Dunn got the win.

Noxious made another surprise announcement and said the next match would now be for the vacant Sideshow Title.

Orange Cassidy vs. Gentleman Jervis for the vacant Sideshow Title

Jervis pinned Cassidy after reversing a cradle to win the title.

This was like a Warner Brothers cartoon come to life. Jervis rocked Cassidy to sleep and tried to go for the pin. Cassidy kicked out on two by rolling over to suck his thumb as if he was a sleeping baby. Jervis then brought in a pillow and blanket to try to “tuck him in” for the pin. The referee counted to two but stopped and acted like he was going to sneeze. Jervis tried use his finger to plug the referee’s nose to block the sneeze. It didn’t work and the sneeze woke Cassidy up from his nap. It was pro wrestling comedy that actually worked and the crowd loved it. They shook hands after.

They announced a return date for 6/23/19 back at 800 Congress.

Main Event for the vacant Ringmaster Title: Sammy Guevara vs. Dezmond Xavier

Guevara pinned Xavier with a surprise roll up to win the vacant title.

This was good and different. They started right off in the corner exchanging a series of top rope finisher on each other. They would either miss or it was only good enough for a near fall.

After the match Guevara cut a long promo thanking everyone. He pointed out his mother in the crowd and asked the crowd to give her some love. He brought WC owner Al Lenhart to the ring. He said Lenhart gave him good opportunities and WC changed the landscape of indie wrestling.

As they celebrated, Scorpio Sky attacked from behind. He brought in the Carnival Cash-In that he won before the WC long hiatus.

Scorpio Sky pinned Sammy Guevara to win the Ringmaster Title after the Ace of Spades when Kevin Condron stopped Guevara from being able to hit the shooting star press off the top rope.

Sanderson and Delaney hyped that Sky was now taking the title with him to AEW and nothing can be done about it.

This was a really good show from start to finish with lots of surprises. Sanderson did a nice job as announcer. Rich Bocchini is a hard guy to replace.

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