Impact Wrestling results of Salute to the Troops

Impact Wrestling and Tried N True results of Salute to the Troops on Twitch taped on 4/12/19 from Fort Campbell in Kentucky:

Josh Mathews and Scott D’More are the broadcast team.

Rich Swann vs. Caleb Konley vs. Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Ace Austin

Innovative offense from Austin at the start. Swann gave Konley a head scissors off the top rope which sent Konley crashing into Plunkett and Austin. Plunkett slams everyone off the top rope in a tower of doom spot. Twisted moonsault by Konley on Plunkett who kicks out.

Swann pinned Plunkett after the springboard cutter. There was a shoving match between Swann and Austin after the match.

D’More kept putting over Austin by saying we’re all seeing him grow and develop in the ring week after week.

Sami Callihan vs. Chris Melendez

Melendez is a military veteran who lost his leg in duty.

Melendez got the pin after a sidewalk slam. Callihan kicked the leg out from Melendez during the match then later gave him a kick to the crotch.

Moose vs. Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz in a handicap match

Wentz and Miguel double teamed Moose with their high flying quickness but had trouble taking him down. Moose scooped up Miguel and threw him like a dart into the turnbuckles then isolated him as the referee made Wentz follow the tag in rule in the corner.

Wentz and Miguel were able to get a successful double team suplex on Moose.

Moose caught Wentz as he dived to the outside and powerbombed him into Miguel.

Moose pinned Miguel after the spear.

Bram vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards beat Bram by DQ in a couple of minutes when Bram hit Edwards with a chair as Edwards tried to dive to the outside on him.

Edwards got on the mic and said he didn’t want to win like that and challenged Bram to a street fight.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bram in a Street Fight

Edwards got the pin after putting a trash can over the head of Bram and hitting it with the kendo stick.

Brian Cage vs. Jake Crist

Mathews called Cage the Impact World Champion but he didn’t have the belt with him. This was taped before the Rebellion ppv and this Twitch special was posted up on 5/11/19.

Sami Callihan was in the corner of Crist but he was eventually ejected by the referee for trying to interfere. Mathews kept plugging this as a non-title Impact World Title Match.

Cage got the pin after Weapon X. Callihan ran back in and briefly attacked Cage but got hit with an F-5.

Madison Rayne vs. Cali Young

D’More said Young is a student of Al Snow’s over at OVW.

Rayne got the pin when Young tried to rush her with a clothesline out of the corner and Rayne swept her legs and turned it into a pin.

Dave Crist and Mad Man Fulton vs. Crimson and Jax Dane

Mathews said this show was Crimson’s idea to do something to give back to the military.

Crimson pinned Crist after his and Dane’s double team move called Off With His Head.

Crazzy Steve vs. Johnny Impact

D’More and Impact gloated that Impact looked different coming out without the Impact World Title.

Impact like Callihan and Dave Crist earlier cut heel promos on the military to get extra heat.

Impact got the pin with a roll up and holding onto the rope as the referee didn’t see it.

You can catch the show here:


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