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Notes (and non-notes) on WOW TV Tapings

We touched based with AXS TV this morning for information since we had several people asking about the WOW tapings results.

AXS TV told us that there is a strict ban on results and everyone was asked not to release them. We can tell you that new WOW Tag Team Champions were crowned at last night’s tapings in the tournament for the vacant belts. The crowd was very enthusiastic and into everything.

They already have plans for more tapings in September.

Some answers to other WOW and GLOW questions that were asked:

Yes, I am old enough to remember the original GLOW. It was buried on Saturday nights at 1:30am and followed WWF Wrestling Spotlight (syndicated recap show) and NWA Pro Wrestling. Despite what most people think, David McLane was not part of GLOW’s entire run. He left the company to form the women’s group POWW. There was a lot of behind the scenes fighting over money and creative during GLOW’s run.

GLOW was awful. Most people thought it was a joke to both women and to pro wrestling. Men watched like it was a syndicated version of a Playboy TV show. There has been an awful lot of revisionist history about the quality of GLOW in large part due to the success and critical acclaim of the Netflix scripted show based on the 1980s group.

Yes, I did see the live WOW pay-per-view from 2001. I did order live actually and thought Lee Marshall and Bobby Heenan would have added credibility to it. I think it deserves its place in history as one of the worst pro wrestling pay-per-views off all time. Once again thanks to the power of YouTube, you can suffer through it for FREE here:

The cheap DQ finish that leads to a pull apart brawl is a finish that WOW has used way too much and it certainly seems like a bad David McLane trademark. It’s one of the reasons why fan tuned out in the past in frustration, feeling it was the same old stuff and a waste of time. (It’s the same reason why fans turned away from Detroit’s Big Time Wrestling with The Sheik getting himself DQ’ed to retain the US Title over and over). It’s a new generation of fans. Time will tell if they too get tired of the finish.

To WOW’s credit, there is a far better in-ring product thus far thanks to bringing in real indie wrestlers like Tessa Blanchard, Kiera Hogan, Ray Lyn, Thunder Rosa, and others. They also have the support of AXS TV who hopefully has some say in the creative process if things get too outlandish.



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