RISE “Luminous” results 5/17/19: Cherry Bomb’s last rise

RISE results of the their final show in South Gate, California at the American Legion on 5/17/19 and live on FITE:

Rise owner Kevin Harvey gave a lot of updates on social media hours before the event. He said they won’t run in SoCal any longer due to a couple of different business factors including the lack of prospective female talent in the region attending the RISE training seminars before the events.

He said they would look at possibly running in Texas and Florida in the future to replace California events.

There will be a half hour intermission before the main event of Cherry Bomb vs. Rosemary because of needing time to set up the steel cage. They will air Tessa Blanchard vs. Mercedes Martinez in the 30 minute Iron Woman Match from last summer for FITE viewers during the time.

They ended up canceling the Early to RISE mini convention a few hours before it was to take place and immediately refunded everyone’s money.

There was apparently an injury angle by the looks of it with Raven’s Ash. Harvey said Ash was unable to make her flight from Chicago to L.A. as as result of this incident with Cherry Bomb: 

Harvey stressed that there will probably a lot of surprises on the show and warned fans to avoid spoilers on the internet if they weren’t planning on watching it live. You can catch the replay on FITE here if you missed it:

They did a 10-Bell Salute to Ashley Massaro before the show.

Viva Van beat Auntie Hydie in a dark match.

The show opened with this video:

Josh Shibata is the ring announcer and it looks like a good crowd. This show isn’t wasting any time as we start right off.

Vipress vs. Dust (with Delilah Doom)

Dave Prazack is the announcer with Nicole Savoy.

Dust got the pin after shoving Vipress off the ropes and following up with the diving double stomp in a fairly quick one. Delilah Doom interfered on the outside as Dust distracted the referee at times.

After the match, Doom ran in and punched away at Vipress until Cherry Bomb made the save. Cherry had a chain wrapped around her fist and laid out Doom and Dust as Rosemary sneered at her from the stage.

Miranda Alize vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart wins a really good one with a Cattle Mutilation submission.

Fast paced action to start off that turned into a brief brawl on the outside, then back into the ring with more fast paced action.

Alize refused to leave the ring after the match and even shoved Shibata into the corner of the ring roughly. Mercedes Martinez came out and sternly ordered Alize to go to the back and stop holding up the show. Alize once again followed Martinez’s orders.

Raze vs. Big Mama

Prazack is joined on color commentary by the AWS announcer Michael O’ Garro.

Big Mama got the pin after an Earthquake Splash off the ropes.

This was an old school hoss fight with lots of exchanges of forearms, clotheslines, and chops. Mama slammed Raze and was going to go up for a moonsault or something but Raze recovered and gave her a powerbomb out of the corner.

Heather Monroe, Laura James, Taya Valkyrie, and Simone vs. Nicole Savoy, Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, and Cheerleader Melissa in a BaeVivor Series Match

Vox came out leading her team and singing “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes as a taunt to their opponents.

Savoy eliminated Simone with a German suplex.

Valkyrie pinned Savoy with the Road to Valhalla.

Melissa and Valkyrie were both counted out as Melissa absolutely mauled Valkyrie throughout the crowd and back to the locker room.

Vox and Exo win the match as last two survivors by submitting Monroe and James in the middle of the ring at the same time.

This was non-stop action from start to finish. There were bodies flying everywhere with Team Sea Stars and The Killer Baes in there as the last four. Lots of suspense as neither could finish each other off with their usual double team finishers.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Rayne

Miranda Alize came out in the opening few seconds of the match and wandered around ringside with a scowl on her face occasionally cheering on Martinez.

It started off with nice chain wrestling then Martinez pummeled Rayne in the corner.

Lots of back and forth action with a couple of near falls.

Rayne with a roll up and near fall in Martinez’s fisherman buster attempt.

Rayne gets the upset win with Cross Rayne for the pin in a really good match. Rayne is often times overlooked as a good wrestler I think.

After the match, Alize snuck in the ring and leaped over Martinez to give Rayne a shining wizard.

Martinez realized what happened and once again admonished Alize for her actions. But then she had a change of heart and ordered Alize to beat Rayne up even more. Alize gladly obliged and fiercely charged at Rayne and gave her rapid fire punches until Martinez told her to stop.

Martinez said Alize has what it takes and they will now be a tag team called The Latina Superstars.

Phoenix of RISE Champion Zoe Lucas vs. Aerial Monroe in the co-main event

Nicole Savoy rejoined Prazack on commentary.

Lucas got the pin after her standing driving leg drop but it looked like Monroe’s hand was under the rope but the referee didn’t see it. Monroe hit the referee out of anger and sent him flying out of the ring after.

Physical match up with Monroe going right after Lucas then Lucas trying to destroy the leg of Monroe. They briefly brawled into the crowd and Monroe smothered the face of Lucas with one hand while punching her with the other hand. Back in the ring it looked like Monroe almost won the match after a spinning elbow strike but Lucas got her hand on the bottom rope.

Now it’s the long intermission as they set up the steel cage for the main event. Prazack said tickets for the RISE show in Berwyn, Illinois on Nov. 1, and the SHIMMER shows on Nov. 2 and 3 in Berwyn will go on sale on June 2.

Cherry Bomb (aka Allie) vs. Rosemary in a Steel Cage Match

They started brawling outside the cage and into the crowd before Cherry Bomb could even get inside the cage.

Cherry gave Rosemary a shoulder tackle as she was propped up in a chair then finally threw her inside the cage.

Back and forth action inside the cage with each tossing the other into it. The story was they’re so evenly matched because their souls and history are linked together.

Delilah Doom and Dust ran out and placed a giant ladder up against the cage. Dust climbed up and started choking Cherry Bomb with a chain from the top of the cage as Rosemary had her on the top rope inside.

Eventually both Doom and Dust used the ladder to climb into the cage and they attacked Cherry Bomb.

Rosemary pinned Cherry Bomb as Dust and Doom held her up by the arms for Rosemary to give her a spear.

Doom and Dust then dragged Cherry Bomb out of the cage and to the back as Rosemary gave an evil laugh. This was Allie’s last RISE event as she’s now with AEW.

This was another good RISE show. Their next show is 6/30/19 in Chicago as part of Pride events in the area. You can order it here on FITE for just $10 as well: https://www.fite.tv/watch/rise-pride-and-joy/2ovzx/

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