Chik Tormenta update; Nevaeh is a WOW Superhero

Chik Tormenta tweeted an update on her condition after getting a foot to the face on the AAA show last night. She says nothing is broken thankfully. She thanked the fans and the doctors for their concern. You never know with AAA shows until they happen, but she is advertised to be action on tonight’s show which will be live and free on Twitch at 7:30 pm EST.

Nevaeh will also be part of the upcoming season of WOW under the name Hazard. She is currently the Women’s Champion for CLASH Wrestling which runs shows in the Downriver area of Detroit, Michigan and also holds one half of the RISE Tag Team Titles with Jessicka Havok. She is actually also a member of OVE. Jake Crist is her husband.

We are behind on results from Japan women groups from over the weekend due to U.S. events and non-wrestling factors. We hope to have them posted by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.


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