Lucha Libre AAA results 5/18/19: Tessa Blanchard debuts

Lucha Libre AAA results live on Twitch on 5/18/19 from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico:

They mentioned the passing of Silver King and said that Dr. Wagner Jr. would not be on the show tonight so he can be with his family.

The Young Bucks will be back in AAA on 6/16/19.

There will be another AAA show tomorrow night live on Twitch 8:30 pm EST (against WWE MITB and the series finale of Game of Thrones).

They showed a video memorial tribute to Silver King then the roster came out and surrounded the ring. Psycho Clown spoke to the crowd and they chanted for Silver King. A memorial wreath and photo were place in the ring.

Dragon Bane vs. Golden Magic

Magic got the pin after an overhead slam off the top rope.

Puma King came out to the ring. He said it’s been the greatest year of his career competing in the US, Japan, and Europe. He called Killer Kross a coward.

Daga came out to interrupt. He said Puma came out bragging but he’s been wrestling in the same places all over the world too. He said the other crowds were better and he doesn’t need this crowd. He said he’s only in AAA to get gold.

Puma attacked him but Chessman and Villano III Jr. came out to help Daga. Puma fought them off.

Killer Kross came out and laid out Puma. Vikingo and Larado Kid came out to help but they weren’t too effective.

Pagano came out to fight a bunch of people.

Killer Kross gave Puma a powerbomb. Pagano went for a table to use as a weapon then Kross slowly and arrogantly backed away and went backstage.

Astrolux and Big Mami vs. Lady Maravilla and Halcon 78 Jr

Maravilla pinned Mami after a frog splash after pushing Mami off the top rope.

Mami did a matrix move to duck a Maravilla clothesline. She slammed Maravilla then followed up with a big leg drop and splash but Halcon broke up the pin attempt.

Halcon rag dolled Astrolux around and got him in an armbar but Mami broke it up by splashing Halcon.

Chik Tormenta and Australian Suicide vs.Myzteziz Jr. and Nino Hamburguesa

Nino pinned Suicide after the big splash off the rope.

There was a lot of confusion at the end. Myzteziz Jr. went to give a 450 splash to both Tormenta and Suicide but his foot landed squarely in the side of Tormenta’s face! The referee immediately held up and sign for help and she was slowly taken out of the ring. It wouldn’t surprise me if she has a broken jaw or cheekbone.

Lady Maravilla came out to try to stop Nino from doing the splash but Myzteziz held her by the waist to stop her.

Big Mami came out after the match and got into a brawl with Maravilla and they had to be separated.

Mami questioned Nino’s loyalty and warned him about Maravilla.

Nino wouldn’t listened and walked to the back holding hands with Maravilla as Maravilla made taunting gestures to Mami.

Tessa Blanchard and Le Heidra vs. Faby Apache and Lady Shani

Rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes is in charge of the action.

Blanchard is acting full heel taunting the crowd and Apache. This is her debut in the company and she’s coming from three nights of WOW TV tapings this week in Los Angeles.

Blanchard pinned Apache after the Buzzsaw DDT and a fast count.

Tirantes got involved repeatedly to continue to mess with Apache. At one point Apache got Blanchard in a surfboard and Tirantes blatantly pulled Blanchard off and set her gently in the corner.

Apache attacked Tirantes after the match and sent him out of the ring with a hurricanrana.

Villano III Jr., Chessman, Daga, vs. Flamita, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid

Daga pinned Vikingo after an Angel’s Wings Codebreaker.

Lots of dangerous looking moves in this one. Vikingo gave Villano a super reverse rana and Villano immediately clutched his knee.

Laredo Kid did a dive to Chessman into the crowd and landed back first on the top of one of the chairs.

When it was over Villano was limping and several medics were checking on Chessman still in the crowd. Laredo Kid seemed fine as he was taking pictures with fans.

Killer Kross, Texano Jr., Rey Escorpion vs. Puma King, Pagano, Psycho Clown

Tirantes is the referee.

The rudos brought in a metal sheet to use as a weapon.

La Heidra is the corner of the rudos and she is interfering.

Puma and Kross keep trading shots on each other with the steel sheet.

Texano Jr. pinned Pagano after Chessman ran in and sprayed Pagano in the fast with mist.

There was a brief brawl post match until Puma chased the rudos away with a big chain.

In usual AAA fashion there were several changes made to the card compared to what was originally announced.

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