Review of “She Persisted”, notes on EVE’s upcoming shows

I finally had a chance to watch EVE’s 9th Anniversary Show which took place on 5/11/19 from The Resistance Gallery in London, U.K. Our correspondent gives us the basics after the events and we try to fill in the rest once shows are posted on EVE On Demand

This was another touching and humorous situation as it was the final show at the venue for Kay Lee Ray and Viper who will become full time roster members with NXT U.K. this summer. They will face each other on 6/30/19 at Wrestle QueenDom 2 in York Hall which is scheduled to be their last show for EVE.

Jetta and Erin Angel upset EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray and Viper as they slipped away from The Dirty Bomb and Viper Driver attempts for a simultaneous pin.

They started off by playing games of jump rope, Twister, and Hungry Hungry Hippos to see who the better team and best friend duo was. It eventually broke down into a regular match. Viper accidentally hit KLR with the Hungry Hungry Hippos game piece but it didn’t have an effect in the finish.

After the match, things got emotional…

Jetta got on the mic and said it was probably the last time that she and Angel would wrestle against them. She thanked them and said they are better when they face each other. All four hugged then Jetta and Angel left the ring.

KLR was choked up and said this would be her and Viper’s last time at the Resistance Galley. She said WQ2 is their last show with EVE then added, “for now… for the foreseeable future”.

Viper gave a sly smile and chimed in jokingly saying, “Until we get fired”. She said she wants to leave EVE by taking the title from KLR on 6/30/19. They hugged.

Laura Di Matteo pinned Charli Evans after a driving front leg sweep. Lots of hard chops and forearms traded back and forth between the two throughout the match.

Nina Samuels came out and complained about getting screwed in the EVE Title match last show by Kris Wolf. She then gloated about beating Wolf in Wolf’s retirement gauntlet match so Wolf couldn’t make it a clean sweep. She was about to say what her demands were going to be for WQ2 but Jamie Hayter came out to interrupt her.

Hayter cut a profanity laced promo on Samuels and said she was taking up too much time making her announcement. She said she knows Samuels is with WWE now and they must write all of her shitty promos for her everywhere.

Samuels arrogantly gloated that her WWE contract can afford a better wardrobe than Hayer’s.

Hayter said she’s faced KLR many times before and she wants a new challenge. She said she wants to face EVE International Champion Utami Hayashishita at WQ2 on 6/30/19.

Samuels bragged that she beat Emi Sakura a couple of shows ago so she would like a shot at the International Title too. She suggested a match against Hayter, and if she wins, it’s a 3-Way at WQ2.

Hayter accepted the challenge and told EVE co-owner and ring announcer Emily Read to have an ambulance on standby for Samuels after the match.

Roxxy pinned Nicole Matthews with a sunset bomb.

This was Roxxy’s first singles win in the company. She used a few painful and innovative looking submission holds and pin attempts in the match. She cut a polite promo after and said she’d like to face someone from STARDOM at WQ2.

Jinny pinned Bobbi Tyler after the Acid Rainmaker. Tyler was announced as a member of Tokyo Cyber Squad which is Hanna Kimura’s unit in STARDOM. This was a very technical and physical match.

NightShade pinned Rebel Kinney after a running powerbomb out of the corner.

This was good. Kinney managed to pick up NightShade and give her an overhead toss but NightShade got right up and returned the favor. NightShade went for a crossbody but Kinney turned it into a powerslam. Kinney later was able to give NightShade a superplex. The end came when Kinney was trying to go high risk and NightShade caught her with the powerbomb.

Nina Samuels pinned Jamie Hayter with an inside cradle and holding the tights.

This was very good. They brawled into the crowd and Samuels jumped up and crawled across what looked like a hot water pipe above the ring. They fought near the bar area. Samuels sandwiched Hayer’s arm in the bathroom doorway and repeatedly slammed the door on it.

Back in the ring, there was a series of quick reversals.

Hayter hit the Falcon Arrow then immediately locked Samuels into a chokehold but Samuels was able to get a finger on the bottom rope.

Samuels did a springboard into the ring and landed with both knees into the chest of Hayter.

Hayter got knocked out of the ring by a big boot.

Samuels springboards to the outside but lands on a few fans up front.

Hater back in the ring and does a running dive to the outside landing on Samuels and the same fans.

Back in the ring, Hayter hits a Falcon Arrow from out of the corner as the brawled on the ropes but Samuels kicked out.

The finish came as Hayter tried to use the Go To Sleep, which is Samuels’ finisher, but she couldn’t get it. She then lifted Samuels up to go for another Falcon Arrow but Samuels was able to counter for the win.

The next EVE show is 6/8/19 back at The Resistance Gallery. Tickets are available here:

They announced a show for 6/28/19 in Brighton, U.K. at Brighthelm Center with Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Utami Hayashishita, Kagetsu, and Jamie Hayter announced so far. Tickets are available here:

6/30/19 is Wrestle QueenDom at York Hall with EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Viper, International Champion Utami Hayashishita vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Nina Samuels, plus a few more names TBD from STARDOM announced so far.


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