Inspire Pro results 5/26/19

Inspire Pro Wrestling results from AFS Cinema in Austin, Texas on 5/26/19 live on Highspots Wrestling Network. This is their final show at AFS Cinema, they will move to a new venue for the next show.

Eamon Paton and Stew Myrick are the broadcast team. Richard Whitaker is the ring announcer.

Whitaker told the crowd it’s the last event in the venue after 6 years and he thanked them for having Inspire Pro. He said it’s not the end but a new beginning for Inspire Pro.

Dirty Andy Dalton vs. Moonshine Mantell

Mantell got the pin with an Alabama Slam.

Good brutal brawl. Dalton hit a brainbuster seconds after the bell. Mantell hip tossed Dalton off the ring and Dalton bounced off the ropes and landed on the floor. Mantell then hip tossed him into a bunch of chairs in the crowd.

Dalton with a kick and a draping DDT.

Mantell with a German Suplex, lariat, and powerbomb but Dalton kicked out.

Mantell cut a promo over a laid out Dalton. He said Dalton is now a shell of himself and is nothing. He said Dalton needs to decide if he wants to help run the place.

Lance Hoyt was there selling tickets for the New Japan show in Dallas.

Baby D. and Phoebe vs. Joe Demaro and Mark Champion vs. Warren J. and Zack Zilla vs. T-Ray and Ashton Jacobs vs. Kiefer Bartek and Will Allday in a #1 con. Tag Titles Battle Royal. Both members of the teams need to be eliminated

Phoebe eliminated first.

Mark Champion eliminated.

Warren J. eliminated.

Joe Demaro eliminated.

Ashton Jacobs eliminated.

Baby D. eliminated.

Zack Zilla eliminated.

Bartek eliminated.

Bartek came back in and gave T-Ray a low blow.

Will Allday was eliminated after a dropkick by T-Ray sending him off the ring apron.

Winners: T-Ray and Ashton Jacobs

#1 con. for Undefinable Title: Raychell Rose vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Rose came out acting like Session Moth Martina who isn’t there due to travel issues. She is Martina’s substitute in the match.

Blackheart got the pin after a stunner and the top rope splash across Rose’s back.

Wild brawl of a match. They went into the crowd after Rose gave a running splash off the apron to Blackheart. A fan yelled out “We Gotta Shooter Match!” Blackheart poured beer over Rose’s head.

Cam Cole vs. Gregory Iron vs. Luigi Primo vs. Ethan Price (with Roxy Castillo) vs. Joey Ryan vs. Veda Scott

Ryan is here in Austin after Starrcast 2 events and AEW in Las Vegas this weekend including the screening of his documentary called “This Is Wrestling”.

During the ring introductions, music played and out came Veda Scott. She said it was the last show in the venue and she happened to be in the neighborhood so she’s entering the match as a 6-Way.

The announcers said Scott hasn’t been in the company for a few years.

Price pinned Cole after a powerbomb when Cole tried to go after Roxy.

Mostly a comedy match. Price and Scott powerbombed everyone out of the corner in a tower of doom spot. Primo threw in his pizza dough prop and everyone threw it in each other’s faces as if it was the Facehugger from the “Alien” movies.

Pure Prestige Champion MJF (with Dan the Man and J. Serious) vs. Terrale Tempo with the stipulation Tempo must win the title or else leave the company and Texas

MJF got the pin when the referee was bumped and Ricky Starks ran out and accidentally speared Tempo instead of MJF. MJF was going to use a chair when the ref was down. Starks tried to stop him but it backfired.

This was a swerve. Everyone thought Tempo would win with MJF now in AEW. Dan the Man and J. Serious repeatedly distracted the referee during the match. Tempo wanted to give a farewell speech but Dan the Man grabbed the mic and said “you don’t get to make a speech, you don’t work here anymore” then he ran off to the back gloating.


Whitaker said the new home is at The Blue Genie with Ethan Page on the 7/14/19 show.

Undefinable Champion Kody Lane vs. Ryan Davidson vs. Dimitri Alexandrov vs. Thomas Shire in a Hoss Bowl

Lane got the pin on Alexandrov after the Diller Killer.

Shire did a flip dive over the ring post and landed on Davidson and Alexandrov on the outside. Davidson powerbombed Lane through a table set up on an angle in the corner of the ring.

Dan the Man joined the broadcast team.

#1 con. for Inspire Pro Title: Chandler Hopkins vs. Steve O Reno vs. Rory Gulak

Hopkins pinned Gulak after a shooting star press.

Andy Dalton ran out and distracted the referee. Moonshine Mantell then attacked O Reno and he and Dalton dragged him to the back. The announcers wondered if Dalton and Mantell were working together with Hopkins or not. Hopkins continued to act like total baby face after the match.

Inspire Pro Champion J. Serious vs. Jenna Lynn

Serious got the pin when Lynn went for a karate kick and he was able to get her in a cradle for the pin.

This was good. Lynn was using her karate strikes to the side of the head of Serious. She wrestled temporarily blinded as Serious pulled her headband down over her eyes. She was like Rutger Hauer in “Blind Fury”.

Serious said he will face Chandler Hopkins in July and called him an asshole. Hopkins came out and Serious backed off back to the locker room.

The announcers put over how Lynn has become a quickly rising star in Texas. They said she reminds them of Delilah Doom when she was starting out.

Serious is a great technical wrestler who should be known by more promoters outside of Texas.

Tag Team Champions Thunder Rosa and Cherry Ramons vs. Santana and Ortiz vs. T-Ray and Ashton Jacobs under Lucha Rules

Dan the Man came out and said since Jacobs and T-Ray won the Tag Team Battle Royal tonight they want to be added in the match to make it a 3-Way.

Ramons pinned Jacobs after Rosa took out LAX with her twisted splash off the top rope to the outside then quickly jumped back on the top rope for her double stomp and Ramons backstabber finisher.

This was really good and I was surprised it wasn’t the main event with LAX brought in. Rosa started things off against Santana. She rubbed her crotch in Santana’s face then drop kicked him to the face to send him out of the ring. Rosa was on fire and took on Jacobs who then became the legal man.

Santana blasted T-Ray’s chest with a series of loud chops.

Lots of innovative stuff from LAX, Ramons, and Rosa.

After the match Cam Cole, Kiefer Bartek, Will Allday, and Raychell Rose ran in and attacked T-Ray and Jacobs. They all hugged a confused Dan the Man after just attacking his tag team.

Delilah Doom vs. Ricky Starks vs. Zac Taylor to determine the face of the company

The announcers said Doom had her third ever match in the company when she was a rookie. They said Taylor set up chairs and rings for years before he wrestled in the company. They said Starks has put on match of the year candidates time after time in the company.

All three fan favorites and long time regulars get the main event to end IPW’s time at the venue.

Starks pinned Taylor after the Angel Wings face buster.

This was another really good match. Starks took Doom out with the Angel Wings face buster and then there was a series of near falls between him and Taylor before the finish.

Doom walked up on the ropes like Starks and Undertaker do and gave Starks an Implant DDT during the match.

Starks got on the mic and said he remembers when Taylor started in the company and when Doom just started training to be a wrestler. He said they both have grown and they are good people.

You can catch the replay eventually here on HSWN:

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