Lucha Libre AAA results 5/25/19

Lucha Libre AAA results from Queretaro, Mexico live on Twitch on 5/25/19.

Marisela Pena was in attendance sitting at ringside.

Mini Histeria and Mini Monsther Clown vs. Eclipse Jr and LA Parkita

LA Parkita pinned Mini Monsther Clown after a super hurricanrana.

Hugo Savinovich isn’t there tonight because he’s at Double or Nothing. Konnan replaced him on commentary.

Daga came out to give a heel promo. He said he’s there to get gold. He said he’s also there to support Tessa Blanchard. He insulted Taya Valkyrie. She came out and got in his face. She said he has a big ego and he’s always complaining. He insulted her again. She slapped him and they got into a brawl.

Taya got the better of the fight with the double knees in the corner. Tessa Blanchard then ran out and attacked Taya from behind. She was wearing the Impact logo T-shirt that she and Jordynne Grace have been wearing on social media.

Laredo Kid ran out and made the save with a chair. Kid said they should settle things right now but Daga and Blanchard blew him off and walked to the back.

Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr., and Lady Maravilla vs. Draztick Boy, Big Mami, and Nino Hamburguesa

Mami tried to talk to Hamburguesa before the match but the rudos jumped her from behind. Mami took a real beating at times during the match.

Maravilla pinned Mami after a double team superplex with Villano III Jr. followed by Villano’s flying senton and Maravilla’s frog splash.

Maravilla forced Hamburguesa to leave the ring with her again hand in hand as the kiss cam graphic appeared on screen.

Flamita vs. Dinastina vs. LA Parka Negra

Dinastina pinned La Parka Negra after a Spanish Fly.

Chik Tormenta, Keyra, and Tessa Blanchard vs. Lady Shani, Faby Apache, and Taya Valkyrie

Blanchard pinned Valkyrie when Daga walked in the ring and clotheslined Valkyrie then she followed with the Buzzsaw DDT.

El Hijo del Tirantes was the referee and allowed Daga to interfere and he made a fast count. Apache got on the mic and yelled at Tirantes after the match and gave him a hurricanrana to send him out of the ring.

Eterno, Australian Suicide,and Superfly vs. Myzteziz Jr., Laredo Kid, and Hijo Del Vikingo

Vikingo pinned Eterno after the Reverse 450 Splash.

Hard fought match. Kid did a 450 splash off the apron on Suicide who was laying on the ground. Fans tossed money when it was over.

Daga, Taurus, and Chessman vs. Drago, Monsther Clown, and Pagano

Chessman pinned Pagano after spraying red mist in his face and a kick to the crotch.

They brought in chairs and a trash can as weapons. Clown gave Taurus a slam from the apron through a table set up up below.

Daga got on the mic and said he wants a shot Drago’s Latin American Title. Drago agreed.

Pagano said he wanted to face Chessman in a Hardcore cage match with a make up vs. make up stipulation.

They mentioned that The Young Bucks retained over Lucha Bros. at Double or Nothing and the rematch will be in AAA on 6/16/19.

Puma King, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Parka, and Psycho Clown vs. Texano Jr., Rey Escorpion, La Hiedra, and Blue Demon Jr.

Wagner came out wearing a Silver King mask and T-shirt.

Wagner pinned Demon after his son Galeno del Mal gave a big splash off the top rope. Wagner saluted the sky to Silver King and put the t-shirt on the laid out Demon after the match.

Good match that started off as a brawl then turned into a regular tag match and back to a brawl. There were some good exchanges between Puma King and LA Heidra including him doing a dive to her on the outside.

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