Sabotage Wrestling “Come and Take It” results 5/25/19: New Tag Team Champions

Sabotage Wrestling results from Austin, Texas at Come And Take It Live and broadcasting on Highspots Wrestling Network on 5/25/19.

General Manager Roxy Castillo came out to the open the show.

Nastico came out and said some people may know him from Dallas but he’s not there to cause trouble. He said he wants to have a good time and party.

Tag Champions Baby D. and Phoebe came out and Nastico gave them brand new tag belts.

Session Moth Martina won’t be on the show, or tomorrow’s Inspire Pro show, due to travel issues.

Angel Blue and Kiefer Bartek are part of the broadcast team. Blue is still recovering from neck problems.

Ali Bama vs. Davienne vs. Tomahawk vs. Chris Cruz

Bama pinned Cruz after a spinning neck breaker.

Good fast paced opener. Davienne gave everyone German suplexes. Bama gave everyone hurricanranas. Tomahawk gave Cruz a gut wrench powerbomb. They stayed in the ring which is rare and refreshing in these kinds of multiple person matches.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Raychell Rose

Rose pinned Hirsch after an axe kick. She is a student of Booker T.

This was really good and both are still new to the business. Rose had a big height advantage but Hirsch was a non-stop bundle of energy trying to maul Rose with MMA style wrestling and strikes. Hirsch also did an impressive springboard moonsault. Rose accidentally kicked the referee. Hirsch locked in a cross armbar, and Rose tapped, but the referee didn’t see it.

Alex Gracia vs. Erica Torres

Torres submitted Gracia to a grounded trapped arm and leg submission.

Torres battered Gracia from corner to corner but Gracia was able to get some high flying offense in. Gracia recently had a WWE tryout and she has a degree in broadcasting. She was actually a ring announcer for Texas groups including Sabotage while she trained to be a wrestler.

Kiki Vibez vs. Jenna Lynn

Lynn got the pin after a spin kick.

Back and forth action in an even match until Lynn used The Karate Kid martial arts.

Kody Lane vs. Veda Scott

Lane pinned Scott after spitting in her face and following up with the driller killer.

Long match with some good near falls. Scott was somehow able to give a kick right to the ear of the much taller Lane as they brawled on the ring apron. She then followed up and gave him a reverse DDT.


Roxy came back out. She said the next show is 7/13/19 at Kings and Queens Ballroom in New Braunfels, Texas. Tickets are here:

Rok-C vs. Delilah Doom

Doom got the pin after a powerbomb out of the corner and a Blue Thunder Bomb.

This was really good and it’s hard to believe that Rok-C is still in high school. The Texas crowds already know who she is and they were behind her. Back and forth action that picked up in intensity as it went on. Doom shook hands and hugged Rok-C after.

Thunder Rosa vs. Kris Statlander

Rosa came out in different gear and theme music. It was not the Salsa dancing version of Rosa and she had a dark look and edge.

Rosa got the pin after a powerbomb out of the corner and the diving double stomp.

Real physical looking match up that started off with mat wrestling and switched to high impact moves. Rosa had Statlander come back in the ring after to show respect and they hugged.

War of the Genders Champion Shotzi Blackheart vs. Ricky Starks

Starks went to a No Contest when GPA ran down and pushed Blackheart off the top rope. He then attacked attacked Starks.

Roxy came out and yelled at GPA for interfering. She said if he wanted to see action he can face Effy next and put the Freelance Wrestling on the line.

Effy vs. GPA ended in a DQ when Shotzi Blackheart came out and attacked GPA.

Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo won the Tag Titles from Baby D. and Phoebe in the main event.

The replay will eventually be up here:

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