Bar Wrestling 35: It’s Gonna Be May report

Bar Wrestling released their 5/8/19 show from Los Angeles, California at the Bootleg Theatre to Highspots Wrestling Network, Title Match Network, and other PivotShare sites.

I don’t have a chance to watch immediately due to so many other organizations to cover, but Bar Wrestling is always worth checking out in full.

Melissa Santos is the ring announcer. Loudon Noxious (the WrestleCircus ring announcer) and Kevin Condron are the broadcast team.

Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly vs. Tyler Bateman and Brandon Cutler

Cutler powerbombed Everfly right on the back of Doom then tossed him out of the ring.

Bateman and Cutler briefly isolated Doom who was able to counter their double team suplex attempt into a double DDT. She made the hot tag to Everfly who jumped off the rope and caught Cutler and Bateman with a hurricanrana at the same time.

Cutler and Bateman used their big size advantage to toss DoomFly around for a bit.

Doom pinned Bateman after her sunset powerbomb out of the corner.

Luchasaurus vs. Andy Brown

Brown got the pin after tossing Lucha into the ring from off the top rope then immediately hitting a running knee shot to the back of the head.

Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas vs. Heather Monroe and Jake Atlas

Atlas and Avalon started off with a fast paced series of exchanges then Avalon kicked him in the gut and punched Monroe on the apron which knocked her down.

Avalon wanted Ray to play dirty against Atlas but Ray refused.

Ray got on the mic and said Atlas and Monroe are his friends who helped him while Avalon was out injured. He said Avalon now has a job at a library so he wasn’t sure about the future of the team.

Ray decided to sing “Careless Whisper” to sum up his feelings. Everyone was having a good time but then Avalon decided to super kick Monroe. Ray argued with Avalon then Atlas superkicked Ray. The match continued with tensions between all four.

Monroe with a nice sequence as she gave Avalon a satellite headscissors turned into a side leg sweep and then she immediately hit Rosas with an enzaguri. She tagged Atlas who flew off the rope like Superman with some hang time in the air and took down Rosas and Avalon with a flying body press.

Monroe hit Soul Food on Avalon followed by a cutter from Atlas.

Rosas with a release German suplex on Atlas followed by an Avalon running flatliner. Monroe breaks up the pin attempt.

Avalon accidentally kicked Rosas in the middle of the chaos but Rosas still made the save when Avalon was about to be pinned after a Monroe and Atlas double team.

Rosas acted like he had enough and was going to join Monroe and Atlas against Avalon but it was a swerve. He and Avalon superkicked Monroe and Atlas.

Avalon got the pin on Monroe after his and Ray’s double team finisher.

Joey Ryan vs. KC Spinelli

Canada’s Spinelli was introduced as being from New Jersey.

Ryan wanted her to touch his penis as usual. She shouted “Do I get an In-N-Out Burger first?” She reached into her trunks and threw glitter in Ryan’s face. Then she did sexual gestures and told Ryan to touch her “dick”.

Ryan acted like he was going to touch her crotch but pie faced her down to the mat instead.

Spinelli pinned Ryan after getting the blow pop, but avoiding the superkick, and hitting her driving elbow finisher.

After the match it was the segment that went viral as The Young Bucks showed up. They congratulated Ryan on getting out of his lifetime Lucha Underground contract. They then taunted him about losing and wondered where Candice LaRae was to help him. They said they were there to sign someone to AEW.

Ryan said he has multiple offers on the table and he won’t sign anything until his lawyer reads it. He said he knows they’re there to film content for BTE and to get “the dirt sheets talking”.

They asked Rick Knox to come to the ring. They wanted to sign him as a referee for AEW. They said they love sharing the ring with him and he can quit his day job and make a really good living.

Knox did a Macho Man style “Oh Yeah!!” and accepted the offer. He thanked them and the crowd. He gleefully told Ryan he was sorry to rain on his parade and left the ring as Ryan looked humiliated.

Ryan said “He really is the best”. He then looked confused and said “wait I still need you for the rest for the show! you have to ref the main event!” He quickly followed Knox to the back.

Taya Valkyrie, Daga, Phoenix Star, and Zokre vs. WATTS, Yuma, BHK, and Ryan Taylor in a Lucha Rules Match

Bodies were flying everywhere so fast it was impossible to take notes.

Valkyrie and WATTS faced off. The announcers said they were the enforcers for each team. Taya wasn’t intimated by big WATTS. He shoved her in the corner and tried to rush her but she gave him a couple of big boot to the face. She went for a body press but he caught her and gave her a fall away slam.

WATTS suplexed Star and Zokre back in the ring at the same time. They recovered a bit to use their high flying to try to wear him down.

Daga back in the ring and he gave WATTS a German suplex. WATTS landed scary looking on his neck.

YUMA and BHK back in the ring and they destroyed Daga with all kinds of unique double teams.

Valkyrie pinned YUMA after the Road to Valhalla.

David Arquette (with Cassandra Cass) vs. Jungle Boy

Arquette cut a wild and profanity laced promo. He said people ask him why he’s here and why wrestles. A fan yelled out “Because you need money!” Arquette cracked a smile and said “I DON’T NEED money! I got Friends money, bitch!” (referring to his ex-wife Courtney Cox’s sitcom).

He said he’s there wrestling because he’s crazy. He yelled at Cassandra to get him a Coke and Pop Rocks to prove how crazy he is. He ate the candy and drank the Coke then acted like he was dying and regretted the decision.

Jungle Boy went over to check on him but got rolled up with an inside cradle for a two count.

They did not hold back on each other. There was a series of brief athletic exchanges in the ring then it spilled out to a brawl into the crowd.

Arquette did the flying body press off the top rope to Jungle Boy on the floor. The crowd chanted “Holy Shit!”

Arquette acted like Steve Austin, but instead of beers, he slammed down cans of Coke.

Jungle Boy with a stunner. Arquette with a Diamond Cutter.

Arquette tried to shove Pop Rocks in the mouth of Jungle Boy but Jungle got him with a superkick.

Arquette with a big double axe handle off the top rope to Jungle Boy.

Arquette shoved Jungle in the corner and Cassandra poured the Pop Rocks into Jungle’s mouth. Arquette then started to pour Coke into Jungle’s mouth but Rick Knox took the can away.

Arquette connects with a Canadian Destroyer.

Jungle Boy was foaming at the mouth.

Jungle Boy pinned Arquette with an inside cradle as Arquette went to check on him on the mat.

The announcers said Jungle’s mouth looked like George Wells after the match with Jake the Snake at Wrestlemania 2.

Arquette got on the mic and was out of character with a sincere and humble tone. He thanked Bar Wrestling and Joey Ryan. Then it was the touching segment that went viral. He thanked Jungle Boy and said he’s going to big places in wrestling.

Arquette got choked up and said “I loved your father dearly and I love you!” They hugged and Arquette gave his leopard skin robe to Jungle Boy.

Arquette shook hands with all the fans at ringside and said “And the real reason I’m wrestling is because I’m a fan like you!”

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