Bar Wrestling results 5/30/19: Joey Ryan chooses indies

Bar Wrestling results from Baldwin Park, California at the American Legion on 5/30/19 with Joey Ryan and Bar Wrestling’s future to be announced on the show.

Phoenix Star and Zokre beat Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas.

Taya Valkyrie pinned Shazza McKenzie after the Road to Valhalla.

Heather Monroe and Jake Atlas beat Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly when Monroe held Doom for Atlas to deliver the LGB-DDT and the pin.

Tyler Bateman pinned Darby Allin after the Death From Above to back of the head.


WATTS, Ryan Taylor, Yuma, and BHK beat Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Andy Brown, and Brandon Cutler when Taylor submitted Brown.

Gentleman Jervis came out and interrupted the 8-man tag. He was dressed like a chef and had a jar of pickles with him since the name of the show is called “Pickle Jar Hero”.

He wasn’t strong enough to open the jar so he asked the wrestlers to see if they could do it. None of them could open it either.

They finally had ring announcer Melissa Santos come into the ring to give it a try and she was able to do it without much trouble.

Jungle Boy drank the pickle juice and acted like it was beer or an energy drink. He went wild and gave Stone Cold Stunners to everyone including his regular tag partner Luchasaurus and to Jervis who was still in the ring.

Priscilla Kelly pinned Joey Ryan after pulling out a lollipop from her trunks and shoving it his mouth followed by a superkick.

Kelly spit or vomited down Ryan’s trunks again during the match. After getting over his disgust, Ryan got mad and actually shoved Kelly’s head down the front of his trunks and gave her a piledriver like that.

Ryan finally made his long awaited announcement after the match. He said he’s staying in indie wrestling and will not join a big company. He said he would lose the current incarnation of himself (aka his “sleazy” gimmick) if he went to work somewhere exclusive. He said indie wrestling is his pond.

Bar Wrestling will also continue to run shows. The next show is 6/12/19 at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

This show will be posted on Highspots Wrestling Network in the next several days.


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