wXw results 6/1/19: New Women’s Champion

wXw results from Oberhausen, Germany 6/1/19:

Walter pinned Wheeler Yuta after a power bomb and lariat. They shook hands after then Walter decided to beat him up more after.

Brian Cage pinned Lucky Kid after the Drill Claw. Absolute Andy interfered and stopped Kid from delivering a splash off the top.

Avalanche, Leon van Gasteren, and Julian Pace beat Jurn Simmons, Alexander James, and Emil Sitoci.

Ken Shamrock used the ankle lock submission to tap out Veit Muller.

Marius AL-Ani pinned Ilja Dragunov after a frog splash.

They announced Cima, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman are coming in for the Aug. 3 show in Oberhausen.

Bob Holly and Aussie Open beat Absolute Andy, Jay Skillet, and Francis Kaspin when Holly pinned Skillet after the Alabama Slam.

Walter and Dragunov came out and beat down Aussie Open. Walter gloated that he and Dragunov are big stars and he insulted the crowd.

Amale Winchester won a 4-Way Match over Women’s Champion Toni Storm, Killer Kelly, and Valkyrie (not Taya) by pining Kelly.

Joey Janela beat wXw Champion Bobby Gunns by DQ when Gunns hit him with the belt.

The match was restarted and turned into a street fight.

Gunns gave Janela and overhead toss off the top rope and into a table set up in the ring.

Gunns wins by submission.

Their next show is 6/15/19.



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