Marvelous results 6/5/19 on Fresh Live TV: Hoshizuki injured

Marvelous results from Tokyo, Japan at Shinkiba 1st Ring and live on Fresh Live TV on 6/5/19.

Megumi Yabushita vs. Mikoto Shindo

Yahushita got the pin with an inside cradle.

This wasn’t supposed to be a lumberjack match with straps but it turned into one. Panda-chan and a few others jumped in the ring and started whipping Mikoto with straps.

DASH Chisako vs. Mei Hoshizuki

DASH gets the pin after a diving double stomp.

There was a really ugly and scary situation at the end. They were doing all kinds of fast paced moves on each other for s series of near falls. Hoshiki rushed toward DASH who went for a quick inside cradle and Hoshizuki’s head was driven very awkwardly into the mat. She wasn’t moving for a few seconds and I thought she was knocked out or worse.

DASH was talking to her and the referee and then DASH went for the pin but Hoshizuki did kick out at two. There was some more communication and DASH went up to the the top rope and hit the diving double stomp for the pin as Hoshizuki yelled out in pain.

The referee motioned for others to come in the ring and help after the match. They were gathered around Hoshizuki and she wasn’t moving. You could see DASH with her head down in fear and sorrow.

Hoshizuki briefly moved one of her legs but then she looked motionless as they carried her over to a stretcher and stretchered her away from ringside.

Maria vs. Tomoko Watanabe

Watanabe got the pin after a lariat.

(There are now lag issues with the video but the audio is fine.)

Chikayo Nagashima and KAORU beat Yuu Yamagata and Hyan.

Leo Isaka beat Jun Tonsho.

Chihiro Hashimoto, Sareee, and Takumi Iroha beat Yoshiko, Rin Kodokura, and Kaoru Ito.

You can catch the replay here along with VOD of past shows. It’s $5.49 USD.

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