Pro Wrestling:Eve results 6/8/19: several WWE tryouts in action

Pro-Wrestling:EVE results of “She Rules” from The Resistance Gallery in London, U.K. on 6/8/19.

Jamie Hayter pinned Raven Creed after a crub stomp.

Kasey pinned Rebel Kinney after the Killing Joke.

Nina Samuels came out to talk about being in the EVE International Title 3-Way Match at Wrestle Queendom 2 against champion Utami Hayashishita and Jamie Hayter on 6/30/19 at York Hall.

Hayter came out but got attacked by Kasey to set up a match for later in the show. If Kasey can beat Hayter she will be added to the International Title Match at WQ2 as a 4-Way Match.

Mercedez Blaze pinned Erin Angel after help from Jinny. Jinny says she and Blaze are now a tag team.

Laura Di Matteo and Roxxy beat Valkyrie and Debbie Keitel when Roxxy pinned Valkyrie with a Code Red.

Session Moth Martina came out to fight off Keitel and Roxxy after the match. Martina says she will face Su Yung in a Death Match at WQ2 on 6/30.


Nightshade vs. Sierra Loxton was stopped by the referee as Loxton appeared to be hurt.

Emi Sakura pinned Lana Austin after a moonsault.

Jamie Hayter pinned Kasey to keep Kasey out of the EVE International Title match at WQ2.

Raven Creed, Jamie Hayter, Valkyrie, Debbie Keitel, Session Martina, and Mercedez Blaze were all part of the WWE tryouts in the U.K. this week.

Nina Samuels and Jinny are already in a WWE deal and they appear in NXT U.K.

Thanks to Alec Redmond.

The next shows are June 28 in Brighton, June 29 back at The Resistance Gallery, and Wrestle Queendom 2 on June 30 at York Hall. Tickets here:

This show will be up in a few days on EVE On Demand

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