Ice Ribbon double header results 6/12/19

Ice Ribbon results of the first show on today’s doubleheader at Hibiya Garden in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It’s an outdoor show with a pavilion setting.

Tsukushi pinned Suzu Suzuki after the diving foot stomp.

Giulia beat Satsuki Totoro with the spider web submission.

Maya Yukihi and Hamuko Hoshi beat Tequila Saya and Hiragi Kurumi when Yukihi pinned Saya.

Results of the second show:

Tsukushi beat Matsuya Uno as the beautiful glare of the sun beams bright into the building at 7:40pm Tokyo Time.

Risa Sera beat Akane Fujita.

Tequila Saya and Giulia beat Maya Yukihi and Maika Ozaki when Saya pinned Ozaki.


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