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Glory 66 card for Paris on 6/22/19

14 Jun 2019

Glory Kickboxing 66 card for 6/22/19 in Paris, France at Zenith Paris-La Villette.

Prelims on YouTube at 11:30am EST:

Bantamweights: Sarah Moussaddak (9-0-0) vs. Aurore Dos Santos (0-0-0)

Lightweights: William Goldie-Galloway (13-5-0) vs. Guerric Billet (30-3-0)

Middleweights: Matthieu Ceva (1-1-0) vs. Matei Penaz (21-2-0)

Lightweights: Micheal Palandre (27-2-0) vs. Vlad Tuinov (0-0-0)

SuperFight Series on FightPass at 1pm EST:

Featherweights: Aleksei Ulianov (27-6-1) vs. Masava Kubo (17-10-5)

Heavyweights: Nordine Mahieddine (18-7-0) vs. Antonio Plazibat (15-3-0)

Lightweights: Stovan Koprivlenski (10-3-0) vs. Mohammad Jarava (64-7-0)

Light Heavyweights: Artur Gorlov (23-8-0) vs. Yegsish Yegoian (31-8-2)

Light Heavyweights Champion Artem Vakhiov (20-5-0) vs. Donegi Abena (24-5-0)

Main Card on Fight Pass at 3pm EST:

Light Heavyweights: Luis Tavares (60-7-0) vs. Felipe Micheletti (15-7-0)

Welterweights: Hamicha (37-2-0) vs. Adam Hadfield (19-3-1)

Bantamweight Champion Anissa Meksen (98-4-0) vs. Sofia Olofsson (49-8-0)

Welterweight Champion Cedric Doumbe (76-6-1) vs. Alim Nabivev (51-7-0)

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