SEAdLINNNG results 6/14/19

SEAdLINNNG results from Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan on 6/14/19:

Kaho Kobayashi won a 3-Way Match over Mei Hoshizuki and Mei Suruga. Taiyo Natsuki was the special referee.

Hiroyo Matsumoto used a Texas Cloverleaf to submit Himeka Arita for the win.

Yoshiko went to a 10-minute time limit draw with Miyuki Takase.

Ryo Mizunami and HIRO’e beat Arisa Nakajima and Ayame Sasamura when Mizunami pinned Sasamura.

Amazon, Asuka, and Makoto beat Takumi Iroha, Nanae Takahashi, and Mikoto Shindo when Amazon pinned Shindo after a powerbomb.

Amazon challenged Iroha for the Beyond the Sea Title after the match which will take place at the Korakuen Hall show on July 11.


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